Innovative Windows Tablet Content

tablet for forklift fork truck case study

Case Study: Forklift-Mounted Tablet

Japs-Olson improves forklift operator efficiency for pick and putaway functions; Improves productivity across entire manufacturing & warehousing facility.

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microsoft windows 10 rugged tablets

Why Windows 10?

Learn more about the popular brand new operating system for businesses from Microsoft. Windows 10 has many new features and functions to help you do more.

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ruggedized windows tablet videos rugged pc

Rugged Tablet Hammer Videos and More

Have you ever seen a tablet used to nail in dozens of nails or strapped to the roof of a car and driven through the carwash? Now's your chance!

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rugged windows 8 tablet tumble drop test

Tumble Videos

Watch the xTablets survive over 1000 drops demonstrating real-world abuse. Simulates 5 years of bumps and drops.

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