Rugged Tablet Accessories - xTablet 7200

Bar Code Scanner

Bar code scanner

The ultra-compact high performance bar code scanner reads linear, stacked linear and matrix bar codes.

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Credit Card Reader

Credit card reader

The magnetic stripe reader turns the xTablet T7200 rugged tablet PC into a mobile POS and line-busting device.

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Full QWERTY Keyboard

Full QWERTY keyboard

Custom-designed, these full QWERTY keyboards attach directly to the bottom of the tablet PC via two thumb screws.

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Carrying Options

Carrying options

The xTablet T7200 rugged tablet PC hand strap fits like a glove making it easy and effortless to hold your tablet PC.

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Docking Options

Docking options

MobileDemand's vehicle and office docking options will secure your tablet PC tightly in place.

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Power & Batteries

Power & battery

Each industry is unique, that is why MobileDemand has created various power options to fit your every need.

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Office Accessories

Office accessories

Boost your productivity in the office with our tablet PC office accessories.

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T7200 USB Expansion Module

3G/4G USB Expansion Module

Plug a 3G or 4G wireless card directly in to tablet.

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