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The Year of Tablet Alternatives

Posted by Matt Miller on Tue, Oct 06, 2015

Note: Originally published in February, 2014. This refers to 2014 as emerging to be the year of tablet alternatives. Surely 2015 is securing it's place in history. More to follow, especially after Microsoft's Windows 10 Device event October 6 in New York City.

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Tablets at Fifth Annual Barcoding, Inc. Executive Forum

Posted by Derek Oja on Mon, Oct 05, 2015

Developed by Barcoding, Inc., the 5th annual, full-day conference is what you need to succeed with mobile technology in the enterprise. From proven strategies to thought leadership to lively networking and discussion, the Barcoding Forum is the best way to connect with industry leaders in supply chain management. And one of those leaders is us, MobileDemand, supplier of rugged tablets for the supply chain.

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The Seattle Times Improves Delivery Driver Efficiency with Rugged Tablets

Posted by Derek Oja on Wed, Sep 30, 2015

For any organization that has a mobile workforce, it’s important to keep them “connected” in order for them to perform their job efficiently and accurately. It’s no different for the delivery drivers for The Seattle Times who are constantly traveling between newspaper vendors, delivering the new papers and collecting the unsold material from the day before.

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Top 3 Ways to Mount a Tablet in a Forklift

Posted by Derek Oja on Tue, Sep 22, 2015

If you are currently exploring the option of deploying forklift-mounted tablets, you may be wondering how exactly you should mount the devices. What will it look like? What is the best placement so it's not in the way of the operator? This blog post gives a high level overview of the top three ways enterprises are mounting their devices. 

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New Tablet Review: In-Depth Look at the xTablet T1600 Rugged Tablet

Posted by Derek Oja on Thu, Sep 17, 2015

From RuggedPCReview.com -- When MobileDemand introduced their rugged "thin-and-light" xTablet T1600 with its large 11.6-inch display late last year, the company instantly enhanced their reach into the market of on-the-go professionals. These are people in field service, field sales, retail, healthcare, warehousing and the public sector who need top performance in a ruggedized tablet form factor. In this article we're taking a detailed look at MobileDemand's popular big screen tablet.

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Supply Chain Technology: Mobility Surges Outside the Four Walls

Posted by Derek Oja on Tue, Sep 15, 2015

(From Modern Materials Handling and Contributing Editor Bridget McCrea): The area that lies outside of the four walls of the warehouse and distribution center (DC) is a place where drivers are busy delivering customer orders; vehicles are staged in the yard and then filled or emptied at the dock door; and where that “last mile” to a customer location is bridged in the most efficient manner possible.

It’s also an area where increasing regulatory burdens, capacity crunches, and driver shortages can quickly take their toll on a company’s bottom line. Add trends like omni-channel, the Internet of Things (IoT), and a growing focus on global business to that mix and the scenario outside the four walls becomes even more daunting.

It’s this growing complexity in transportation management that’s driving more logistics operations to explore their mobile options. Whether they want to monitor their assets and human resources, more efficiently route and schedule their trucks, or enhance the service levels provided by their customer-facing employees, shippers are turning to mobile tools to help achieve these and other goals.

“The area outside the four walls is a place where we’re seeing significant levels of adoption, especially among mid-market organizations that want to mobilize their workflows and operations for the first time,” says David Krebs, president of enterprise mobility and connected devices at VDC Research.

In assessing the trend further, Krebs says that the solutions and use cases vary considerably and include pickup and delivery applications in the courier/postal market, direct store delivery (DSD), pre-sales and merchandising applications in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) segment, and both long-haul and LTL trucking solutions.

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Throwback Thursday: Very First Rugged Tablet

Posted by Derek Oja on Thu, Sep 10, 2015

Can you remember what your first TV looked like? First cell phone? First computer or tablet? For many people, it's a fond memory in this age of technology where nearly everyone is "connected" in some way, shape or form. Do you remember the struggles of waiting for the dial-up connection to connect to the internet and email? Where now if a web page doesn't load in a matter of seconds we lose all hope and begin to think your internet connection isn't working. 

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You Decided You Need Forklift-Mounted Tablets. Now What?

Posted by Derek Oja on Wed, Sep 02, 2015

For more than 20 years, forklift-mounted computers, originally known as vehicle-mounted terminals (VMT), have been transforming the way products move throughout the supply chain.  Early implementations of these VMTs usually emulated traditional host-based terminal applications. Adding barcode scanning to the system greatly improved the timeliness and accuracy of the data in the system, allowing companies to be more attuned to their operational efficiencies. 

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Tablets for Transportation and Logistics at the PeopleNet User Conference

Posted by Derek Oja on Tue, Aug 18, 2015

If you're familiar with PeopleNet and their TABLET® solution, you may see similarities between that device and the MobileDemand xTablet T7200 rugged tablet. That's because it's the same device. MobileDemand is the manufacturer of the hardware which thousands of truckers rely on day in and day out for their transportation operations. While proven to be a vital tool for drivers to improve their efficiency, MobileDemand tablets are not limited to just those in-cab applications. 

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Microsoft Delivers Second Update for Windows 10

Posted by Derek Oja on Tue, Aug 11, 2015

Via ZDNet -- A week after delivering its first cumulative update for Windows 10, Microsoft is out with another. Last week's  Windows 10 cumulative update was focused on performance and functionality, not security. This week's update includes a security update for the new Edge browser in Windows 10, among these other items:
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