Transportation and Logistics

Whether it’s passenger services or commodities transport, you know how important it is to have tablet PCs you can count on.

Adopted by thousands of companies across the world, rugged tablets have become essential to the rail transport, port, trucking and airline sectors. In fact, MobileDemand is the leading provider of rugged tablets to the transportation industry, providing the right tools to get the job done.

tablets to mount in trucks carsMobileDemand xTablets can help fleets become more responsive and deliver more shipments on time every time, without damage. Real time communications can streamline dispatch operations and improve route planning, shipment tracking and customer service.

xTablets from MobileDemand withstand harsh travel environments while managing communication, deliveries, departures and arrivals without complication.


  • Rail From tracking rolling stock to streamlining the delivery of people and freight, rugged PCs can help you manage your workforce and keep pace with the daily operations.
  • Intermodal Built to meet the demands of shock, vibration, moisture exposure and temperature extremes, our xTablets let you analyze resource utilization, create schedules, evaluate capacity and plan transfers from one mode of transport to another.
  • Planes & Airports The xTablet from MobileDemand, along with its ruggedized accessories, is a valuable tool in streamlining plane and airline operations, ensuring on-time departures and arrivals and meeting safety and regulatory requirements.
  • Shipping & Ports –Ideal for withstanding the harsh atmosphere of ports, warehouses, cold storage and dock transfer, rugged devices are versatile tools for supply chain management, vessel tracking and ship maintenance. 
  • Trucking – MobileDemand’s xTablet series of rugged tablet PCs and computing devices are ideally suited for the trucking and transport industries, allowing truckers and fleet managers to succeed in demanding work conditions that allow little room for error.


  • Communicate with workers in real-time
  • Reduce costly paperwork
  • Eliminate data entry errors
  • Track container locations
  • Optimize asset utilization
  • Improve customer service
  • Scan bar codes and capture signatures
  • Capture images of damaged items
  • Maximize uptime with rugged tablet PCs


  • Ships and ports
    • High-speed wireless Internet connectivity
    • Touchscreens and QWERTY keypads for simplified data entry
    • Full Windows OS for legacy and specialized professional software applications
    • Extended battery life that supports ongoing operation
    • Backlit touch-screens for superior readability in all lighting conditions
    • Advanced security features for confidential information access
    • GPS and RFID for vessel and freight tracking capabilities
    • Excellent ROI when compared against the high cost and limited functionality of consumer grade laptops

  • Rail
    • GPS positioning systems for railcar tracking and platform location
    • Cargo and inventory management
    • Mass transit safety control and monitoring
    • Timetable and capacity management
    • Personnel administration and real-time schedule updates
    • Train car and rail inspections
    • Safety compliance and regulatory conformance
    • Reliability analysis and resource planning
    • Mobile passenger ticketing
    • Passenger baggage tracking

  • Intermodal
    • Route optimization and schedule management
    • In-transit visibility
    • Cargo, container and product tracking
    • Yard resource management
    • Mass transit safety control and monitoring
    • GPS positioning systems for transport tracking
    • Personnel administration and real-time schedule updates
    • Shipping and receiving execution and capacity management
    • Safety compliance and regulatory conformance
    • Reliability analysis and resource planning
    • Maintenance and repair scheduling

  • Trucking
    • High-speed, secure local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) connectivity
    • Military-grade water, dust and temperature resistance for full and reliable functionality in any environment
    • Numeric keypads for easy data entry and inventory tracking
    • Barcode scanning capabilities which are available wirelessly or through integrated and tethered platforms
    • Full-screen displays for easy information access and GPS navigation assistance
    • RFID bar code scanning, tracking and data storage capabilities
    • Optional dashboard mounting accessories for hands-free use on the road

  • Planes and Airports
    • Capacity management
    • Reliability analysis and resource planning
    • Baggage and cargo handling and tracking
    • Passenger ticketing and self check-in
    • Personnel administration
    • Real-time schedule updates
    • Barcode and RFID scanning
    • Safety compliance and regulatory conformance
    • Asset tracking
    • Spare parts inventory
    • Facility maintenance
    • Repair operations

Product Features

  • Standard, full-screen software applications that run on Microsoft Windows 7 Professional OS
  • Intel processor for graphic and data intensive applications
  • Military specifications for drop, shock, water resistance, dust and temperature exposure
  • Handheld, stationary or vehicle-mounted handling options
  • Built-in numeric keypad for data entry
  • All-light readable display for indoor and outdoor use
  • Integrated, tethered or wireless barcode scanning to ensure accurate data collection
  • RFID reading through optional devices
  • Secure wireless LAN and WAN connectivity for real-time communication
  • Color camera to capture images of damaged goods
  • GPS for route optimization and fuel cost reduction

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