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3D Camera Tablet Use Case Scenarios

Windows 10 Tablet with 3D Camera

You name it, length, width, height, volume or distance, and a rugged tablet with 3D camera can measure it.

Improve productivity by utilizing 3D camera technology to streamline certain business processes including auto-dimensioning.

Disclaimer: The software shown here is for demonstration purposes and does not come installed on any MobileDemand rugged tablets.

Boxes and Packages

Boxes come in all shapes and sizes and can be time consuming to determine the dimensions of those boxes using a tape measure or ruler. Expedite the process by utilizing a 3D camera which can sense where the corners are or where they should be if it's hidden from the camera. The revolutionary technology behind the camera will then take those corners found to measure the length, width and heighth and calculate total volume. Users can also calculate dimensional weight for accurate billing / invoicing. 

Sound complicated? Not at all! Watch this short video to see just how quick the camera senses the package and calculates total volume. Imagine how much time this could save you.

SPAR3D, producer of business-to-business expositions for commercial 3D technology, recently published an article on the xTablet T8650 rugged tablet with 3D camera.

Rugged Commercial Tablet - By SPAR3D


Either hand-carried or mounted, the powerful and accurate RealSense R200 sensors and cameras measure freight in any orientation and of virtually any shape, color or package material. Accurately measure the length, width and height of the shipment to detemine how much space it is going to take up in a warehouse or in the back of a truck. 

Given the proper configuration of hardware and software (external peripherals may be needed), the xTablet T8650 is capable of being a dimensioning, weight and tracking workhorse. This process will help deliver the most accurate billing of your customers.

Baggage Check

With limited space on aircrafts for baggage, both checked and carry-on, airlines are being more cognizant of luggage size. Many are utilizing various dimensioning apparatuses that require the customer or the employee to manually lift the baggage in to the measuring contraption. This can be a very tedious process with long lines waiting to check-in to their flight.

Airlines can streamline the check-in and baggage check process by implementing rugged tablets with 3D cameras to rapidly capture the exact dimensions and volume of each piece of luggage they are taking on the aircraft. The measuring limits can be flexible based on type of aircraft and travel class. This information is accessed by using the integrated barcode scanner to scan the baggage tag or boarding pass.

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