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3D Camera Systems for Rugged Tablets and Rugged Cases

From no-contact wound measurement to room mapping, rugged tablets and cases equipped with an Intel® RealSense™ D415 or D455 3D Depth Camera open an ever-growing range of possibilities for productivity and insight like never before.


  • Warehousing, distribution, logistics, manufacturing – Capture box dimensions wherever the parcel sits utilizing xDIM Mobile Dimensioning software, powered by 4DMobile.
  • Law Enforcement/Public Safety – Forensics, crash scenes
  • Airline/Travel – Automate checked, gate-checked, and carry-on luggage
  • Healthcare – 3D modeling for wound measurement and care
  • Industrial – 3D modeling of interiors, piping, machinery, and other assets
  • Insurance – Capture 3D models of scenes for claims and estimates
  • Construction – Measure windows, carpet/flooring, concrete, and more for estimates
  • Infrastructure/Archeology/Utilities – 3D scanning of assets and objects

xDIM Mobile

The First Truly Mobile 3D Parcel Dimensioning System

xDIM Mobile is an NTEP Certified, innovative cloud-based mobile dimensioning system designed to help companies increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and optimize space with patented software that quickly and accurately determines parcel dimensions from anywhere. The ability to measure boxes wherever they are enables a more mobile, agile workforce and replaces costly and cumbersome fixed measurement equipment.


A growing number of industries are benefiting from the power of xDIM Mobile software including transportation, supply chain management, logistics, shipping, warehousing and more.

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