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Top 5 Ways Rugged Tablets Mobilize Data Capture in the Field

Many field service organizations face similar challenges when it comes to data entry. Professional services, public utilities, maintenance and repair services, and telecommunication operations are constantly looking for ways to streamline processes and increase worker efficiency. One of the most beneficial ways to increase productivity and get work done faster is by mobilizing your data capture process with rugged tablets. Here are our top 5 ways rugged tablets are mobilizing data capture processes in the field.

1. Real-time access to data and information at the point of service

With rugged tablets, frontline workers can be connected to the home office anywhere and anytime. Plus, with real-time access to critical data, workers can complete jobs faster and more efficient than before.

2. Improved data accuracy with less room for human error

If your workers are using paper and pencil in the field to record data and transferring it into a computer once back at the office, there is a lot of room for error. Rugged tablets allow workers to bypass the extra step by recording the data instantly onto their device.

3. Instant image capture with cameras and 3D cameras

When you need to track damages or repairs, having a device that already has a camera can save time and money. Some rugged tablets also come with 3D cameras so you can quickly and accurately determine dimensions.

4. All-in-one device with integrated barcode scanners

Rather than having to bring multiple devices to a job, an enterprise grade rugged tablet is an all-in-one workhorse. Data can be captured just using the tablet thanks to integrated barcode scanners.

5. Optimize resource allocation and utilization

Being able to be completely connected with all of your workers and processes allows you to optimize the allocation of workers and resources to various sites or jobs. With rugged tablets, you can track resource use in real-time.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of rugged tablets for mobile data capture? Check out our field services industry page, contact us, or call 319-363-4121.

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