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MODEX 2018

MobileDemand is excited to annouce we are adding to our already extensive line of products and performance devices. Two years ago, MobileDemand was the first-to-market, offering a Rugged Tablet with an integrated Intel® RealSense™ 3D Camera. Now we are launching a volume dimensioning system to support warehousing, distribution, supply chain, and courier applications.

MobileDemand is the leader in providing a broad array of mobile tablets to deliver the Right Tablet for the Job. The choice of a tablet depends upon the actual rigors and demands of the job, as well as the functionality and price point required. MobileDemand products include mobile tablets from entry-level devices to the fully rugged military-grade tablets. MobileDemand also offers a strong variety of devices, providing features, functionality, and pricing to best meet the needs of any situation, delivering the best options for finding the Right Tablet for the Job.

Below you can check out MobileDemand’s new devices and productivity tools that support the full breadth of our product line. Want to know more? Contact one of our mobility experts today at Sales@MobileDemand.com or 319.363.4121.

Mobile Dimensioning System, which includes the Intel RealSense D415 Depth Camera, offering the 3D camera as both an integrated option in select tablets, and as an add-on productivity tool for other MobileDemand tablets.

Available June 2018, the xTablet T1270, a 12.2” rugged tablet which at its launch may be the fastest tablet on the market due to its Intel Core iSeries processor

Available June 2018, the xTablet A1150, a 10.1” rugged Android tablet based off our very successful xTablet T1150 form factor.

Available July 2018, the xTablet T1540, a 10.1” Rugged Tablet, a very thin and light tablet that’s easy to carry and easy to mount with extra-long battery life.

Available June 2018, a Rugged Case for 10.5” iPad Pro.

Available now, xKeyPad, a simple yet very effective productivity enhancement tool, is a persistent on-screen keypad and barcoding application for use with any Windows® 10 device.

Mounts and Docks

There's no doubt that MobileDemand tablets bring productivity and versatility to your business. Users can truly capitalize on the benefits of the device by implementing a mount or dock for that tablet. Whether it's a forklift, truck, wall, tractor, cart, machine, or boat, MobileDemand has a mounting solution for all your needs.

From small footprint holders to powered, robust expansion docks, MobileDemand tablet experts are here to help guide you in selecting the ideal setup for your specific application. 

If a dock or mount is not on your radar, consider equipping the rugged tablet with either a 2-point or 4-point shoulder strap for safe and easy carrying of the device. 

Download Mounting Brochure

Not sure which mount you need? Use the Mounting Wizard.

Rugged Tablet Mount and Dock Options

Warehouse Tablets
Rugged Surface Tablet - Fire Department
GIS Land Surveying - Education
Paper Roll Clamp on Forklift with Tablet
Foremen Construction Job Site
tmr mixer and bedder commercial farming tablet
open pit surface mining
rugged tablet with camera
offshore platform oil rig
inventory of utility poles bar code scanner
rugged tablet inventory management beverage industry
ruggedized tablet fire investigation documentation
Credit Card Reader for Tablet with USB
eobc tablet for trucking
touchscreen tablet meter reading