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Meet MobileDemand's management team which possess years of expertise in their individual field. Together, leading the way in rugged tablet innovations, sales and customer service. 

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matt miller mobiledemand president founder ceo

Matt Miller

Founder / President

After more than 15 years of developing successful rugged tablet computers for other manufacturers in the mobile computing industry, Matt Miler founded MobileDemand in 2003. MobileDemand now has customers in over 40 countries and a worldwide partner network to support the sales and service operations. Miller and team have won numerous awards for innovation and enterprise growth.

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Christie Bielenberg HR Cedar Rapids MobileDemand

Christie Bielenberg

Director of Human Resources

Christie Bielenberg joined MobileDemand in June of 2004. Christie works with the management team to ensure MobileDemand recruits, develops and retains the best and brightest innovators in the industry. Additionally, she manages all HR functions including benefits and staffing as well as compensation, learning and development, employee relations, records, information management and leadership management.

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jill lorenzen mobiledemand sales expert

Jill Lorenzen

Inside Sales Representative - Midwest

Jill is in charge of inside sales for the Midwest territory and also for Latin America and Asia/Pacific. She also oversees partner channel activities for those that are located in her territory.

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Ian Fincher Mobile Tablet Sales

Ian Fincher

Inside Sales Representative - East

Ian is the inside sales representative for the East Region including overseeing the partner channel network in the area. Ian has many years of mobile technology sales under his belt including cell phones, tablets and rugged Windows tablets.

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amy garman rugged tablet sales midwest

Amy Garman

Outside Sales Representative - Midwest

As the outside sales representative for the Midwest region and Europe, Amy is responsible for lead follow-up and sales of MobileDemand tablets and accessories. This includes on-site visits to partners, customers and prospects.

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mark kuboushek western united states tablet sales rep

Mark Kuboushek

Inside Sales Representative - West

As the inside sales representative for MobileDemand, Mark is responsible for sales development, lead management and channel partner management for the western United States. Mark also assists in the strategic planning of sales operations.

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Dan Vander Zee

Outside Sales Representative - West

Dan is the outside sales representative for the western United States. He is responsible for lead follow-up and sales of MobileDemand tablets and accessories. He teams up with Mark Kuboushek to handle all incoming leads and inquiries. Dan brings 15 years of experience in a sales role to MobileDemand.

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Shelly Zaugg

Senior Account Manager

Shelly Zaugg joined MobileDemand in January of 2011 as an Account Manager and then moved into the Senior Account Manager role in 2012. Zaugg works closely with the MobileDemand sales team to handle sales orders, sales questions and customer service for MobileDemand customers. She also serves as a key contact for the MobileDemand house accounts.

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derek oja cedar rapids iowa marketing manager

Derek Oja

Marketing Project Manager

Derek leads MobileDemand's global marketing projects which includes content creation, lead generation & SEO, video & photography capture and editing, website optimization, trade show management, channel partner support and various other PR tactics. Derek has been with the company since 2009.

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megan skala technology marketing

Megan Skala

Marketing Associate

As the Marketing Associate for MobileDemand, Megan's responsibilities include management of the company social media accounts and email marketing campaigns. She also assists in other facets of MobileDemand's marketing efforts including content creation, event planning, sales support and overall marketing strategy.

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Kevin Gilroy MobileDemand Operations

Kevin Gilroy

Director of Operations

Kevin is responsible for the manufacturing, service and supply chain departments at MobileDemand. Kevin's expertise includes project/product management, operations/technical leadership, engineering and Lean/Six Sigma methodologies.

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steve kunert tablet engineer mobiledemand

Steve Kunert


Steve has a BSME degree and an AAS technical degree to complement 35 years of experience with designing rugged tablets and components. He holds 28 United States patents for his mechanical and electro-mechanical innovations including several of MobileDemand's products and tablet features.

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blayne medema tablet engineering

Blayne Medema


Blayne works to analyze, develop and evaluate large-scale, complex tablet and mounting systems. This includes improving and maintaining current systems and creating brand new projects. The engineering team designs and creates 3D and 2D detailed CAD files for future products.

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adam bumpus it information technology mobile demand

Adam Bumpus

Director of Technical Services

As the Director of Technical Services at MobileDemand, Adam manages software systems, Windows OS images for the devices, technical support to end users and assists in the development of new products in both the OEM and ODM formats.

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Bridget Klosterman

Supply Chain Manager

As the Supply Chain Manager, Bridget coordinates and communicates vendor fulfillment, logistics, and overall quality. She is responsible for purchasing operations, material management, inventory control and process improvement at MobileDemand.

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scott risoff operations service mobiledemand

Scott Risoff

Operations Support Specialist

Scott oversees the operations group to complete daily orders, shipping tasks and service repairs. Process all purchasing requests while working with engineering, service and production teams to work toward a low inventory goal through demand planning and item history.

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merri bohnenkamp mobiledemand finance iowa

Merri Bohnenkamp


As an Accountant for MobileDemand, Merri supports the Controller by performing a wide range of finance-related activities. She also works closely with the sales and service teams in reviewing new and existing customer accounts to minimize financial risk. In addition, Merri serves as a resource for sales, service, and purchasing related ERP issues.

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