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MobileDemand Team

Meet MobileDemand's team, leading the way in rugged tablet innovations, sales and customer service. Follow the MobileDemand company page on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the rugged tablet industry. 

Matt Miller

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Matt founded MobileDemand in 2003, after more than 15 years of developing successful rugged tablet computers for other manufacturers in the mobile computing industry. MobileDemand now has customers in over 40 countries, works with a worldwide partner network to support the sales and service operations, and offers a portfolio of products ensuring our customers have the right tool for the job. Miller and team have won numerous awards for innovation and enterprise growth.

Dawn Morrow

General Manager
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Dawn has responsibility for software, operations, finance, human resources, and special projects. To support and accelerate our rate of growth, Dawn is also focused on scaling leadership capabilities, supporting growth initiatives, and driving continuous improvement in our processes. Dawn has over 25+ years of experience in the rugged mobility industry including engineering, sales, and marketing roles.

Christie Bielenberg

Director of Human Resources
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Christie Bielenberg joined MobileDemand in June of 2004 and assisted with the early developmental stages of the company. She ensures MobileDemand recruits, develops and retains the best and brightest innovators in the industry. Additionally, Christie manages all Human Resource functions including benefits and staffing as well as compensation, learning and development, employee relations, records, information management, and leadership management. 

Chad Wilson

Director of Operations
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Chad is responsible for the manufacturing, service and supply chain departments at MobileDemand. Chad's expertise includes project/product management, operations/technical leadership, engineering and Lean/Six Sigma methodologies. Chad brings 20+ years of operations management experience to the organization.