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"MobileDemand has become a leader in creating innovative apps to go with tablet hardware. There is no doubt that apps like xKeyPad make tablets easier to use and enhance productivity" - RuggedPC Review


Enter data faster with xKeyPad’s persistent, on-screen keypad. xKeyPad is barcode-scanning capable using the tablet’s built-in camera. xKeyPad snaps into place on-screen so other software/apps are fully viewable. Use your finger or a stylus – either works with xKeyPad. Improve your efficiency and get more done with xKeyPad. With the premium version, there’s no need to purchase separate keyboard or barcode scanner. 


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Keypad Number Data Entry

If you enter data manually, you’ll be faster and more efficient with xKeyPad, without attaching a keypad or keyboard. The app conveniently snaps in place on either side of the screen and works with other Windows®-based applications. Your other applications snap into place while xKeyPad stays where you left it.  

Easily switch between numeric, alpha and function keys through front panel accessible buttons.  



  • Enter data faster – no Windows keyboard necessary 
  • Persistent customizable on-screen keypad snaps to screen, allowing your working software to be fully viewable 
  • Day or night vision options adapt to your work environment
  • Works on any brand Windows 10 device

New Features

  • Ability to toggle decimal from period to comma
  • Quickly switch between numeric, alpha and function key input with easily accessible front panel buttons



  • All Basic Features  
  • Utilizes built-in camera for barcode scanning - no need for seperate bardcode scanner 
  • View window allows you to target barcodes 
  • All major 1D/2D symbologies supported with pre- and post-ambles 
  • Increase your productivity - custom barcode formatting allows auto tab, enter, or other key functionality and programmable actions

New Feature

Scripting Interface - Use any valid Java scripting  syntax to parse your barcode input and take action based upon embedded data within your barcode



To best fit your application needs, MobileDemand offers monthly or annual subscriptions with two plan options:

Basic PlanKeypad functionality, no barcode scanning

  • Monthly Subscription – $5.99
  • Annual Subscription – $49.99

Premium Plan – Keypad functionality, barcode scanning, custom formatting capability

  • Monthly Subscription – $7.99
  • Annual Subscription$69.99

Contact Sales@mobiledemand.com for enterprise tiered pricing. 

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