NEW - xKeyPad

xKeyPad is a MobileDemand's newest app. This revolutionary app provides a persistent numeric keypad and barcode scanning application in one. Speed up and automate with xKeyPad.


  • Fast numeric data entry
  • Auto-entry for fast and efficient use
  • Day or night vision to adapt to your work environment
  • Left or right side positioning
  • Snaps to side of screen, allowing your working software to snap to remaining portion
  • Stays on screen, no Windows keyboard necessary


Keypad Number Data Entry

Manually input numbers quickly and efficiently, without your keypad getting in the way.  xKeyPad conveniently docks to the side of the screen that you prefer, working effectively with multiple applications. Other programs snap into place while xKeyPad stays where you left it.  


Barcode Scanning

Your device no longer needs a dedicated built-in barcode scanner. xKeyPad utilizes your device’s camera to scan 25 different types of barcode symbologies. It has the capability for custom formatting, to make your mobile productivity even faster. Already have a built-in barcode scanner on your MobileDemand rugged tablet? No problem; you can purchase the xKeyPad base plan for just the keyboarding features. 


Premium Specific Features:

  • ​​​​Turns your tablet camera into a barcode scanner
  • Handy view window to target barcodes
  • All major 1D/2D symbologies supported with pre- and post-ambles
  • Custom barcode formatting - allows auto tab, enter, or other key functionality
  • Custom formatting and programmable actions increase your productivity


Open Platform

xKeyPad is not only for MobileDemand tablets. It will run on rugged Microsoft Surface bundles that MobileDemand offers, or any brand Windows 10 tablet. 


Pricing Models 

MobileDemand offers two plan options to best fit your application needs:  

  • ​Base Plan includes only the keypad without barcode scanning for $9.95 monthly
  • Premium Plan adds the barcode scanner with the custom formatting to the keypad for $19.95



Get more done with xKeyPad.

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