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Surface Go Rugged xCase Bundle with Barcode Scanner

The Surface Go with Rugged xCase and barcode scanner was designed specifically for AWG stores. Everything you need in 1 productive little tablet!

Bundle includes:

  • Microsoft® Surface Go
  • Rugged Surface Go xCase with shock-proof rubber bumper corners to protect your Surface Go if it ever takes a tumble
  • Back hand strap and briefcase handle for easy carrying from one area to another
  • Honeywell Barcode scanner
  • Screen protector made of strengthened glass to protect the Surface screen

Lead times may vary based on supplier inventory levels.

Service and Repair

Whenever it's time to send your unit in for service, just visit this page and fill out the below RMA service request form for the speediest turn-around. We have replacement devices on-hand and ready to send as soon as you need it!

RMA Service Request Form

Help Guide

Pairing a barcode scanner with a Surface Go Tablet

How to fix your barcode scanner

Programming Zebra DS2278 handheld scanner

Other useful information

Other Accessories

Surface Go Tablet – Other Accessories

Individual AWG stores are able to order the following accessories at their own expense simply by calling AWG Customer Support at 913-288-1111 and giving them the following information.

  1. Store Number.
  2. Item number of the accessory.
  3. Quantity you wish to purchase.
  4. Email Address.
  5. Specify that you are ordering accessories for your Surface Go Tablet.

    Note: These items are all designed to work with your bundles and could easily turn your Surface Go bundle into a laptop or PC.

    **Lead times for these items is 7-10 days and dependent on supplier inventory levels.

    Surface Dock

    Item # - SP-PF3-00005


    Easel / Kickstand for Surface

    Item # - EASEL-KIT-W-SPCR


    Surface Keyboard

    Item # - SG-TC-ASSY


    Black Handheld Barcode Scanner & Micro USB Charging Cable



    RMA Service Request form for AWG

    The information you provide on this secure contact form will be kept confidential. Please complete all fields. Questions? Call 855-501-TECH (8324).

    Help Guide

    Surface Go Ordering Tablet Overview

    MobileDemand's tablets (xTablet series) are being replaced with Microsoft Surface Go ordering tablets. The functionality of the AWG software on the Surface Go tablet has not changed. Order Entry, Scan Utility, and all of the other Connect programs still work exactly the same as they did on the prior xTablets. Connect programs were simply copied from one tablet to another. No Connect programs have been removed from the Surface Go ordering tablets and no program features have been removed.

    The Surface Go tablets have a few improved features over the current xTablets:

    • Windows 11 operating system is installed instead of Windows 7 or Windows XP
    • Surface Go is thinner and lighter with a larger screen
    • Longer battery life and faster charging time
    • Barcode scanner is built into the tablet
    • Supports Wi-Fi networks*
    • Access to Storefront
    • Access to Retail Pricing as it becomes available (ask your DM for more information)
    • Protective case, screen protector, and back hand strap are included with every tablet
    • Other optional tablet accessories such as a keyboard, display stand, docking station, and an external handheld barcode scanner are available for the Surface Go tablet and are sold separately through MobileDemand at: ruggedtabletpc.com/lp/awg

    You may also call AWG Customer Support at 913-288-1111 and AWG can order the optional accessories for you.

    Surface Go Ordering Tablet - Initial CONNECT Setup

    1. Turn on the tablet. When it boots the AWG dashboard will appear and it will look like following:
    The missing dashboard programs (Order Entry, Scan Utility, Shelf Audit) is normal and they will install themselves once the tablet syncs in step 4:



    2. It would be a good idea to first fully charge the tablet before using or ordering for the first time (it should only take 2-3 hours at most to fully charge the tablet). The tablet charges with the included charging cable. The charging connector is magnetic and will “click” into place on the right hand edge of the tablet near the bottom. A white light will turn on indicating that the tablet is plugged in and charging. The white light will remain on while the tablet is plugged in. The light will not go out or change color when the tablet is fully charged. There is a battery icon in the taskbar next to the clock you can click on to check the battery status and see if it is charging.



    3. BEFORE you can sync the tablet and the dashboard programs will install, you will need to connect the tablet to the INTERNET, not just the store network. This process can either be simple, or it can be a little more complex depending on how your store network is setup. You can connect the tablet to the internet via a Wi-Fi network or through a wired connection using a docking station (available separately from MobileDemand) that has an Ethernet/networking port on it that you can plug a networking cable usually referred to as your “sync cable” into.

    Below are the instructions on how to connect the tablet to a Wi-Fi network, some basic troubleshooting tips and explanations of possible connection issues, and what to do and who to contact if you have issues connecting to the internet.

    A. Connecting the tablet to a Wi-Fi network:
    Click on the Wi-Fi icon in the lower right hand side of the tablet next to the clock:


    This will bring up a list of available Wi-Fi networks that you can connect to. Click on the Wi-fi network you want to connect to and CLICK ON CONNECT. IT MAY REQUIRE A WI-FI PASSWORD TO CONNECT. SORRY, BUT AWG DOES NOT KNOW WHICH WI-FI NETWORK YOU NEED TO CONNECT TO OR YOUR WI-FI PASSWORD SO WE ARE UNABLE TO ASSIST YOU WITH THIS STEP.

    If you do not know which Wi-Fi network to connect to or your Wi-Fi password you will need to contact someone that knows what it would be; the store manager, network administrator, or your internet provider.


    B. Once you enter in the Wi-Fi password, the tablet should connect to the Wi-Fi network. At the top of the Wi-Fi list it should say Connected. If there isn’t a network security issue, the tablet is more than likely connected to the internet as well. You can check the network status by clicking on Network & Internet settings at the bottom of the list. If you are connected to theinternet, continue to step 4, if you are NOT connected to the internet, please read below for explanations as to what is happening and what actions you will need to take to resolve the issue.

    C. If connecting the tablet using a cable and the Surface Go Docking Station, please refer to the docking station user’s manual for steps on how to connect the cable to the docking station and to the Surface Go tablet.

    **If the tablet is not connecting to the internet, more than likely your network security is blocking the tablet from accessing the internet. You will need to contact your network administrator, not AWG, to resolve internet connection issues. Your network administrator is usually your scanning company (RDS, S4, North Country), corporate office, internet provider, or a 3rd party cyber security company like Netsurion. We apologize, but due to personal and financial information being sent over the store network and cyber security and privacy laws, AWG cannot make any changes to your store’s network, network security, or to any device to allow it to connect to the internet.Any changes that need to be made to your network security or to a device that would allow the device access to the internet MUST be approved and completed by your network administrator or network security company, not AWG.


    D. If you are having connection issues, you can check the status of your network connection to determine what/where the problem is. Please click on Network and Internet Settings at the bottom of the network list from the above step. A window similar to one of the images below will come up that will show you what your network status is:

    If your network security requires that a device has a static IP address to connect to the internet AWG does not know what the network information (static IP address) needs to be. Your network administrator can provide you with this information and assist with setting up the tablet with the required networking information (static IP) that would allow the tablet to connect to the internet.

    If you have connection issues and believe it might be the tablet and not the network, we highly suggest you first take the tablet home and connect it to a different internet connection outside of the store* and sync the tablet to determine if it is an issue with the tablet or if the store’s network security is blocking the tablet from the internet. SENDING A REPLACEMENT TABLET WILL NOT RESOLVE A NETWORK SECURITY ISSUE THAT IS BLOCKING THE TABLET FROM ACCESSING THE INTERNET. If you have issues syncing a tablet that IS CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET AS SHOWN ABOVE, then please call AWG Customer Support for further assistance.

    *NOTE: As of the tablet “Send Order” update in spring of 2019, the tablet DOES NOT need to be connected to your store network or to the same network as the Connect PC anymore. The tablet ONLY requires an internet connection and it can be ANY internet connection to sync and send orders. The tablet is no longer dependent on the Connect PC to perform these functions.



    4. Once the tablet is connected to the internet you can now sync the tablet. Since there isn’t a sync button on the Surface GO tablet, there are two sync icons, one on the dashboard and one on the desktop that you can click on to sync the tablet. The initial sync process will take longer than usual to install the tablet programs and may pause for while at 19-25% as it is installing the dashboard programs. It may take a couple of minutes for it to install the programs before it continues, so please be patient. It may also pause again for a minute or so as it installs the price book for the first time.

    *Syncing the tablet over a WI-FI network may be slow or intermittent at times depending on the Wi-Fi network signal strength, how many other devices are connected to it, and the current network usage. If you experience slow syncing or “server is busy” issues: Please move to a location with good-excellent Wi-Fi signal, limit the number of other devices connected to the network, or reboot the Wi-Fi router and try syncing again. Usually slow syncing or “server is busy, please try again later” issues occur when the Wi-Fi signal is poor and/or if the network is overloaded with other devices downloading data simultaneously. Wi-Fi networks are not the most reliable networks in terms of speed and connectivity. If you have persistent issues with your Wi-Fi network being slow or dropping connections even after rebooting the router we suggest you try use a docking station available separately from Mobile Demand and use a wired network connection.

    Once the tablet has synced successfully, all of the other tablet dashboard programs (Order Entry, Scan Utility, Shelf Audit, etc) will install and populate on the tablet dashboard per usual, and your store name and number will appear at the top of the dashboard. PLEASE VERIFY YOUR STORE NAME AND NUMBER AT THE TOP OF THE DASHBOARD ARE CORRECT BEFORE YOU START ORDERING.


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    Using the Surface Go’s Built-in Barcode Scanner

    The Surface Go tablet comes with a built-in barcode scanner. To use the scanner simply press one of the three activation buttons on the back of the tablet.

    Aim the box with the crosshair over the barcode so the barcode is completely inside the box and centered on the crosshair.

    Connecting the Optional Handheld Scanner to the Surface Go Table

    1. Make sure the handheld scanner is charged and there is a laser light that appears when the trigger is pressed. If needed, please see the user manual that came with the scanner for instructions on how to charge the scanner.

    2. On the Surface Go tablet click on the Windows start menu icon on the bottom left:

    3. Click on Settings (the gear icon):

    4. Click on Devices (Bluetooth, printers, mouse):

    5. Click on the + symbol to Add Bluetooth or other Device:

    6. Click on Bluetooth:

    7. Wait for the list of Bluetooth devices to populate (this may take 1-2 minutes) then double click on the scanner model and serial number of the scanner you wish to pair to the tablet.  The scanner model and serial number are located on the sticker just above the scanner’s trigger. The model number and serial number of your scanner may differ from the one shown below.

    8. The scanner will connect/pair and you will get a message “Your device is ready to go!” Click on Done and close out of any other Windows setting windows that are open to return to the main AWG Dashboard.

    9. Please scan the setup barcode on the instruction card that was included with your scanner before you start scanning/ordering items to make sure the scanner is setup to read the barcodes properly in the CONNECT software. PLEASE KEEP THIS CARD IN A SAFE PLACE IN CASE YOU NEED TO SCAN IT TO SETUP THE SCANNER AGAIN.

    10. You may need to reboot the tablet before the handheld scanner works properly.

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    If your barcode scanner stops functioning correctly - 

    Scan the below QR code to reset it to AWG's default settings

     Commands for scanner:


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    QR Code for Programming Zebra DS2278 handheld scanner

    11.06.19 v4: Programming Barcodes for DS2278

    Configuration name in Utility: 11.06.19 v4

    Last Modified: 14-Nov-19

    Windows Filename:  Config File_DS2278_11.06.19 v4_2019.11.06.scncfg 

    Plug-in Name: DS2278-STANDARD SR MODELS - No Cradle-013

    Report Type: Only parameters changed from defaults shown

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    Other Useful Information

    When finished with your order you can review it before you send it by clicking on the ITEMS tab at the top of Order Entry and VIEW ALL ITEMS. This will display a breakdown of your order by department. If you are satisfied with your order you can click on SEND ORDER at the top, confirm your delivery date and store number, and enter your store's ordering password to submit the order. You will receive a confirmation number once the order has been submitted and you can write down the confirmation number if you wish and close the confirmation window. ONCE YOU SEND YOUR ORDER THE ONLY WAY TO CHECK/REVIEW IT IS IN STOREFRONT. THE ORDER IS CLEARED ON THE TABLET ONCE IT HAS BEEN SENT.

    If you are not sure if your order was sent, or if you need to review an order that has already been sent, normally your order will be available to view in Store Front after about 3-5 minutes from the time you submitted the order. A shortcut icon to Store Front is on the tablet for your convenience. Once you log into Store Front, on the left hand side, click on ordering, then order confirmation and enter in your store number to view the recent orders for your store. Again, please wait at least 3-5 minutes from the time you submit your order until you check for it in Store Front so the system has time to update and display your order.
    If after 15-20 minutes you still do not see your order in Store Front, please contact Customer Support at: 913-288-1111 for assistance with Store Front/order confirmation issues.

    If you are using the Shelf Audit or Scan Utility programs you need to click on export highlighted batch when you are finished. Once the export file is created you need to sync the tablet to send the batch information.

    NOTE: As of the tablet's "send order" update in the spring of 2019, the tablet does not send this information directly to the Connect PC anymore, it sends information to the AWG server and the AWG server sends it back to the Connect PC. The Connect PC automatically checks the server and downloads new information every 10-15 minutes. If you require this information right away on the Connect PC, you will need to click on the Connect PC's dashboard Control Panel (Big @ symbol) and click "download now". That will manually have the PC check for and download any pending information on the AWG server. Otherwise the information will download and automatically appear in the appropriate program after about 15 minutes.

    You will still need to sync your tablet every week. THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN SENDING AN ORDER. Syncing the tablet accomplishes two very important things that the send order function does not. The first is syncing will make sure all of the programs on the tablet are updated to their most current versions. The second is to update the price book on the tablet. Price book updates are sent to the Connect PC on Friday evenings. Once the price book finishes updating on the Connect PC, it will create a price book file for the tablet and upload it to the AWG server to be downloaded by the tablet the next time the tablet syncs. The process takes about 10 minutes. If your price book is currently in the process of updating on the Connect PC, please wait about 10 minutes after the PC price book completes then sync the tablet to get the updated price book onto the tablet.

    If you have any questions, please contact AWG Customer Support at:


    Thank You!

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