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Barcode Scanning Solutions

Transform your rugged device into a barcode scanner

MobileDemand offers a variety of barcode scanning solutions to meet your company's unique needs. From handheld and wearables to integrated scanners, each type is fully compatible with our line of Windows-based rugged xTablets and xCases for Microsoft Surface, iPad, Lenovo and Samsung tablets.

Handheld Scanners

The xScanHandle G200 attaches to MobileDemand rugged tablets and cases, or can be used separately via Bluetooth, transforming them into barcode scanners. The pistol grip and trigger pull are ergonomically designed to be comfortable for long hours of scanning. Haptic feedback, LED light indicators and an integrated 100-lumen flashlight make it easy to use in noisy or dark environments.

Tablet Integration

Several MobileDemand rugged xTablets and xCases for Microsoft Surface devices offer the option to include an integrated, high-performance Honeywell barcode scanner built directly into the device. Integrated scanners offer users a single, all-in-one solution for scanning products, loyalty cards and other necessary data.

Wearable Scanners

Seamlessly pair MobileDemand devices with wearable scanners from ProGlove. The hands-free, multi-range scanners enable more flexibility and time savings across the entire supply chain. Workers driving forklifts with mounted rugged tablets can easily scan barcodes from a variety of distances without ever leaving the cab.



Do more with xKeyPad's on-screen keypad and barcode scanning

Do more with xKeyPad's on-screen keypad and barcode scanning No scanner? No keyboard? No problem! xKeyPad is the simple yet powerful tool that works seamlessly with other Windows-based applications. Save time and money while improving efficiency with the onboard keypad and barcode scanning functionality.


Barcode Generator

MobileDemand's free Barcode Generator has been used to generate hundreds of millions of barcodes! Increase productivity and reduce costs in your workplace by easily creating multiple barcodes on a single sheet using industry standards that are easy and reliable to read by employees and scanners.

Generate Barcode