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Barcode Scanning Tablets

Throughout various enterprise applications across the world (including warehousing, field service, transportation), traditional handheld barcode scanners are being replaced by lightweight, rugged tablets. Not just because the upfront costs can be less, but because those rugged tablets can do barcode scanning plus any other applications that are completed on Windows or Android-based platforms. It extends the functionality of the device in to other parts of the business where productivity and efficiency improvements may be needed.

Why is barcode scanning necessary? It fills the need for accurate, timely capture and use of inventory data, with applications from the checkout line in-store to the complex inventory management systems of major enterprise and government organizations.

Several MobileDemand tablets are capable of being equipped with integrated barcode scanners. 


If an integrated scanner is not necessary, all of MobileDemand's rugged tablets come standard with a USB port and Bluetooth. This way you could use an external barcode scanner while the tablet is mounted and stationary.

Barcode Generator

The barcoding experts at MobileDemand have created a free online barcode generator available to everyone. Create, download and save unlimited functional barcodes for use throughout your business. Choose between EAN-13, UPC-A, EAN-8, QR Codes, ITF, Code 39 and Code 128 variations of barcodes with several output options including PDF, JPG, PNG and GIF.

Also available is a Windows app capable of performing the same barcode creation functions. The app is free in the Windows Store.

Scan Handle

The Scan Handle attaches to the xTablet T8650 rugged tablet allowing for single-handed scanning of volume barcodes. The snap on attachment is the first of its kind to the rugged tablet market. Notice how fast and efficient the scanning occurs, which can have a significant impact on inventory operations where a vast number of barcodes need to be scanned.

Case Study

For warehouse and production facilities worldwide, the efficient movement of materials and employees alike is key to running a successful operation. For Minnesota-based Japs-Olson, this involves more than 30 forklifts, 700 employees and a forklift-mounted tablet solution accurately tracking inventory and keeping the mobile workforce as productive as possible at all times. 

Japs-Olson utilizes forklift-mounted tablets with Bluetooth and USB barcode scanners.