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10 Features of Windows 10 That You'll Love

Microsoft Windows 10 is twenty days away from launch. Here's 10 features of the new operating system that we think you'll love.

  1. flex-tablets-windows-10Start Menu: It's back by popular demand! Combines the classic Windows start menu with optional live tile features of Windows 8. The start menu is restricted to a single column that can scroll.
  2. Cortana: Voice-activated digital assistant. Set reminders, search the web, access documents and much 
    more. Pretty much a more robust and feature-rich app compared to Apple's Siri.
  3. Snap: With Windows 10, all of your apps and programs run on the desktop. And the Snap assist feature makes it simple to run more than one at the same time, on the same screen. 
  4. Microsoft Edge: The new web browser. Take notes directly on the web page and share with others, use Cortana to pull info, and there will eventually be an ad-blocking feature. Internet Explorer will still be available for you to use. 
  5. Multiple desktops: Running multiple apps and programs at once and don't have an external monitor? No problem. Use "Windows-Ctrl" and the arrow keys to switch between multiple virtual desktops. 
  6. Scheduling restarts: Do you push a lot of updates to your enterprise apps/programs that require a restart? Schedule restarts when you want them to happen, not when Windows does. 
  7. Universal apps: Download an app to your tablet and have it available on your phone, desktop, Xbox One and even on HoloLens.
  8. Continuum: By turning on tablet mode, all of your windows switch to full screen (taskbar will still be there) with the option to drag windows side by side (will still occupy entire screen). 
  9. Windows Hello: Use your face or iris as your login. Requires a 3D infrared camera.
  10. $0 activation: As long as you bought your Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 license some other way than through volume licensing, Windows 10 will be free for you!

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