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Mobile 3D Camera Systems for Rugged Tablets Announced by MobileDemand

Integration of Intel® RealSense Depth Camera provides breakthrough 3D sensing in mobile tablets for variety of industries

HIAWATHA, IA – June 21, 2018 – MobileDemand is announcing an industry-first broad offering of 3D camera systems for several of its rugged tablets and rugged cases. Powered by the Intel RealSense Depth Camera D415 with 3D depth sensing, the rugged tablet with 3D camera will allow customers to enhance their capability and productivity. Logistics functions can benefit by automatic dimensioning of pallets and boxes, while airlines can measure cargo andluggage automatically utilizing a mobile rugged tablet. Industrial applications can include 3D scanning and modeling of assets and facilities.

MobileDemand xTablet T1270

The Intel RealSense technology will be available to customers as either an integrated 3D system into select rugged tablets or as an add-on expansion module to other rugged tablets and tablets with the MobileDemand rugged cases. The xTablet T1150 and xTablet T1270 will have an integrated  3D camera option providing 3D scanning functionality while maintaining full sealing and ruggedness specifications. The 3D camera system will also be offered as an add-on, with the 3D camera in a protective boot for attachment to the xTablet T8650, Flex 10A, and MobileDemand’s rugged case for Surface Pro® and the recently introduced rugged case for iPad Pro® 10.5”.

MobileDemand Rugged iPad Case with 3D Camera

The Intel RealSense Depth Camera D415 features long-range capabilities, high depth resolution, and includes active infrared stereo with standard or wide-field of view. Pairing the 3D camera with rugged tablets offered by MobileDemand provides customers the ability to implement 3D technology into their work environments. Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2.0 is available, which includes developer tools for many platforms, allowing customers to develop their own depth sensing applications. MobileDemand is currently identifying software companies that offer 3D software applications in many industries, including: 

  • Warehousing, Distribution, Transportation/Logistics, Manufacturing – capturing box and pallet dimensions, auto-calculate volume, also known as volume dimensioning
  • Law Enforcement/Public Safety – forensics, crash scenes
  • Airline/Travel – automate checked, gate-checked, and carry-on luggage
  • Healthcare – 3D modeling for wound measurement and care
  • Industrial – 3D modeling of interiors, piping, machinery and other assets
  • Insurance – capture 3D models of scenes for claims and estimates
  • Construction – measurements of windows, carpet/flooring, concrete, etc., for estimates
  • Infrastructure, Archeology, Utilities – 3D scanning of assets and objects

Mobile Dimensioning using MobileDemand's xTablet T1270 with integrated 3D camera

“Adding 3D scanning to mobile, rugged tablets will enhance the productivity and efficiency of applications in many industries,” said Matt Miller, MobileDemand President/Founder. “In 2006, MobileDemand was first-to-market to introduce a rugged tablet with a barcode scanner, and first-to-market with the first integration of a 3D camera in 2016. These innovations demonstrate how we are helping our customers find the right tool for the job.”

The 3D Camera System with Intel RealSense Depth Camera D415 will be available in July 2018. The 3D Camera with Intel RealSense Depth Module D415 as a fully integrated 3D camera option in MobileDemand’s xTablet T1150 and xTablet T1270 will also be available in the coming months.

Contact a MobileDemand Tablet Expert at 319.363.4121 or Sales@MobileDemand.com for more inforation.


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