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3D Cameras – Solving Dimensioning Problems with a Portable Solution

Whether you’re working in a large warehouse or shipping a single product, knowing dimensions of packages is important to the bottom line. It's imperative that package and pallet measurements are recorded accuractely and efficiently. While a dimensioning station might work for large amounts of product being received or shipped out, they are costly and stationary. What if your work environment demands a more flexible and mobile solution? 


Why Dimension?  


There are many reasons to know the dimensions of pallets, boxes, or parcels. The first that often comes to mind is maximizing space, which is a priority for warehouses. Knowing the size of the items being stacked helps to get the most out of available shelf space.


Shipping is another major factor. Today most shipping companies no longer charge only by weight, but also include the package size in the pricing model. Driving the importance of having all the specifics for packages and shipments communicated to freight handlers in a timely manner to avoid additional fees 





When it comes to dimensioning products, speed and accuracy are two important factors to consider. Technology tools make measuring quicker and more efficient than doing it by hand. While larger, stationary systems can help, the product still needs to be moved to the station for measurements, which requires additional time moving the product and ultimately decreases your workers’ productivity.  


A rugged tablet with a 3D camera and appropriate software can make dimensioning both portable and hassle-free. By utilizing a tablet, equipped with a 3D camera, you'll be able measure anywhere you go in a building or warehouse. Accurate measurements of pallets and boxes can be taken on site without having to move the item to a stationary system. 




Not only can boxes be measured, but rooms and trucks can be measured as well. This allows you to make the most out of the available space, by stacking everything in the most efficient way. An additional benefit to using a rugged tablet with a 3D camera is the simplicity of integrating other software and features, such as barcode scanners or RFID readers.  


What MobileDemand is Doing 


Here at MobileDemand, we’re committed to making 3D Volume Dimensioning a reality. Based on your needs, we've designed tablets and cases that have integrated 3D cameras or expansion modules that securely attach to the device. Our rugged tablets and cases with 3D camera technology, are the perfect solution for dimensioning on-the-go in extreme environments.

Integrated Tablet Options:

Expansion Module Tablet/Case Options:



The necessity for dimensioning is growing quickly, but so is the available technology. With the right equipment and software pairing, you can have a mobile dimensioning unit to help your workers be more productive. 


Live 3D Dimensioning Demos at ProMat 2019 - April 8-11, 2019

The MobileDemand team will be providing live demonstrations of our 3D Volume Dimensioning software at booth N6836. Come visit to learn more.

Won't be able to attend the show? Schedule a demo today, email marketing@mobiledemand.com

ProMat 2019

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