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4 Reasons Windows 10 Solutions Empower Education

When it comes to technology in education, your school needs more than a device or a service to truly enable learning anywhere, anytime. Your school deserves a complete solution to empower students and teachers to achieve more.

Here are 4 aspects to Windows 10 which are important to the education sector:

  • Powerful Devices - Find the right fit for your classroom.
    • Create dynamic learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom with devices that deliver the power of a PC and the mobility of a tablet.
  • Tools for Learning - Tap into the ultimate classroom experience.
    • With the right devices in hand, unleash the power of rich content and robust tools that inspire students to consume, create and produce knowledge. Microsoft Office, Bing, Skype, OneDrive, OneNote and more.
  • Training and Professional Development - Connect with Microsoft's network and world-class training.
    • Technology in education is about more than a device or software. Empower educators with great training and professional development.
  • Manageability Solutions - Help IT protect your institution while keeping it running.
    • Manage all your devices, services, tools and more with manageability solutions that keep your students safe and secure.

Your end-to-end education solution begins with Microsoft Windows 10. Do more.

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