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5 MORE Critical Items to a Successful Forklift-Mounted Tablet Deployment

Following up to our blog post several weeks ago about 5 critical items to a successful forklift-mounted tablet deployement, we give you FIVE MORE!

6. Power converter needs will vary between vehicle types. Propane and diesel/gas typically need a converter with 11-27VDC input range. Electric forklifts typically need a converter with 20-60VDC range. MobileDemand offers power converters in each of these ranges and they have been equipped with fast blow fuses to deal with surges and transients that would otherwise damage your electronics. We have standardized on the converters and made them easy to install and to replace cables that might get damaged. 

windows-tablets-for-forklifts7. Cable strain relief is critical because that is the highest failure item for vehicle installations. There is a very simple cure that does not involve really expensive cables and connectors. You simply need to tie a knot in the cable close to where it is connecting to the dock/tablet and slip a zip tie through the knot and the holes we provide on the docks, cinch it tight and trim the excess. This will take the strain off the connectors. If you have long runs of cables, it is best to repeat this process at the base of the mount too. 

8. Batteries and screens in hot locations can have problems because the elevated temperatures will affect their chemistry by making it age much faster than normal and in the short term, screens will be much less bright until they cool off. To prevent accelerated aging, simply take the tablets indoors for charging/storage when they will not be used for an extended time period.

9. Electric forklift operations typically have a battery swapping station. Connecting new batteries can often cause a surge/spike, so it is best to shut down the tablet prior to swapping batteries in the forklift.

10. Improper installation can damage mounting hardware which can lead to electrical problems with the vehicle docks and tablets, so it is essential to use the designed mounting holes and hardware. MobileDemand provides installation guides to cover all these areas and more, including dimensions for the tablet in the dock and the attached mounting hardware so that you and the customer can scope out in advance the installation location and hardware requirements.

Have you deployed forklift-mounted tablets in your warehousing or manufacturing operations? 

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