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Five Reasons to Use a POS Tablet

When it comes to point-of-sales (POS) systems, more and more businesses are turning to tablets to fulfill their needs. Where you once may have had to spend thousands of dollars to get a system for your business, now you can add a tablet and POS system for significantly less. Why are people turning to tablets for their POS needs? Here are just a few reasons: 

Lower Cost  

It’s no surprise that cost plays a major role in the switch. When a new startup can save thousands of dollars by simply using a tablet instead of a larger cash register, it makes sense to save money. New businesses generally don’t have an abundance of operating cash for their start-up, so they need to save wherever they can. 

Attractive Form Factor 

This is another reason that’s appealing to new businesses, but it also spurs more mature businesses to consider a change. When customers go through a checkout line and are presented with a tablet or iPad, it feels like a cutting-edge store. This perception is particularly effective with younger generations and can be as much a move to garner new customers as any other reason.  

Rugged Tablet POS

Expanding Cloud Usage 

Because tablet-based POS systems can run using the Cloud, many of the difficulties and expenses that more traditional POS systems face are removed. The data that companies would have previously had to manage through a physical network is maintained in the cloud. This can decrease concerns about encryption needs  and storing data. The information needed is available immediately and is safe and secure 

Easy Integration  

With more traditional POS systems, each employee needs to be trained to use the interface; with tablets, the interface is already well known. Whether it’s Windows®, Android® or iOS®, each of these is already familiar to many people, making it easier for both employees and customers to adopt and use in your business. 


We’ve all seen old cash registers  generally massive machines that sit on a counter and are designed to be a lockbox. While those bulky machines still have their purpose, sometimes it makes more business sense to take your POS system on the go. Cash registers make that nearly impossible; with a tablet it’s as simple as unplugging your device and going  nothing could be easier. A tablet-based POS system can go wherever you go, opening a whole new world of business possibilities. If your business has a need for mobility, you should also consider a rugged tablet or a rugged case to ensure you are protecting your investment. 


Before you invest in a traditional POS system it will be worthwhile to consider a simple tablet with a few add-ons. It might just be the perfect choice for your business.  

If you have questions about how to integrate a Windows-, Android-, or iOS-based rugged tablet into your business, contact a MobileDemand Tablet Expert – Sales@MobileDemand.com or 319.363.4121. 

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