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MobileDemand’s 2nd Annual Sweet Corn Fest

As the summer begins its slow decent towards fall and cooler weather, we here at MobileDemand like to take some time and enjoy some of Iowa’s finest. Warm weather, good food, friendly faces, and of course, sweet corn.  

Iowa Sweet Corn

With all the wonderful things that have happened this year, it’s good to be able to take a step back for an afternoon and just enjoy some good food with those here at the office. It gives us the chance to bring our employees together to just have a good time. We were able to greet some old faces, and even welcome some new ones to the team. With MobileDemand growing, its days like these that allow us to really get to know each other and help make MobileDemand a family. 

We hope all of you are experiencing the same good fortune and prosperity we here at MobileDemand are. We thank you for choosing us as your rugged partners and hope your days are as sweet as the corn we enjoy so much.  

MobileDemand Enjoying Sweet Corn 

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