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Agriculture, Farming Benefit from Rugged Tablets



The big trend in technology right now is individuals and businesses switching their mobile workforce from laptops to tablets. Tablets are one of the fastest growing segments of technology right now, if not the fastest. They bridge the gap between smartphone and desktop / laptop.

Nearly every industry that has a mobile workforce has a need for mobile technology. It's vital in today's day and age for businesses to stay connected and to be as productive and efficient as possible with constant access to mission-critical information. The agriculture industry is no slouch when it comes to tablets.

Most farming applications could benefit from the use of tablet computers. You may think that your everyday, store-bought tablet wouldn't survive the rain, mud, dust, drops, manure, etc...and you'd be right. That's where rugged tablets come in to play. Ruggedized tablets survive all of that and more. In addition to their rugged form factor, it can run all of your farming software if it runs on a Microsoft Windows platform. GPS, GIS, mapping, plotting, photo capture, web connectivity, email and much more.

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