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Archives / 2019 / February
  • 3 Ways Rugged Tablets Aid Healthcare

    The healthcare industry is a dynamic environment that moves at a quick pace, making it difficult for even an experienced practitioner to keep up. With a constant flow of patients coming and going, it …

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  • Lifespan of Rugged Technology

    Consumer tablets come to market extremely fast and leave even faster. While useful, and sometimes even vital, for the operation of many businesses, it’s costly to have to replace …

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  • Advantages of Rugged Tablets in the Field

    When it comes to working out in the field, nothing is more frustrating than when you have technology that won’t work, or worse, breaks. Fortunately, rugged tablets are not only able to get …

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  • Custom Mobile Retail Solution Exceeds Expectations

    Business is dynamic and everchanging. It can be difficult to find the perfect solution to a problem. While most companies just give you their product and expect you to make it work,  …

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  • 3D Cameras – Solving Dimensioning Problems with a Portable Solution

    Whether you’re working in a large warehouse or shipping a single product, knowing dimensions of packages is important to the bottom line. It's imperative that package and pallet …

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  • Beginner's Guide to C1D2

    Class 1 Division 2, or C1D2, is one of the most important factors to understand if you’re looking for a mobile tablet for a hazardous industry. Not only are there regulations to follow, …

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