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Archives / 2020 / October
  • Customization is Key When it Comes to Rugged Tablets

    In order for your business to get the maximum return on your rugged tablet investment, you need to make sure the solution truly meets the needs of your business. Did you ensure all needed add-ons are …

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  • Rugged Tablets in the Cold

    In winter or cold climates, ice and snow won’t be the only thing that may pose as a problem to your tablets. If you work out in the field, consumer grade technology, designed for stable and …

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  • IP Ratings and Why They are Important

    Many electronic devices claim things such as “water resistant” or “water proof.”  However, how do you know if they are what they actually claim  …

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  • How Are Rugged Tablets Tested for Ruggedness?

    A rugged tablet manufacturer doesn't get to just include the word 'rugged' on their products and call it a day. Rugged tablets are put through strenuous testing and must meet certain performance …

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  • Rugged Tablets for the Dirty Jobs

    Not all work takes place in an office. Many businesses' daily operations occur in less-than-ideal conditions, especially dirty jobs in harsh industries. For frontline workers in mining, oil and gas, …

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