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Attend Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show FREE

The Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show brings together over 3,000 manufacturing CEOs, presidents, plant managers, engineers, procurement managers, and technicians. The 2017 Expo is right around the corner, - October 18-19 - and MobileDemand is teaming up with our partner Arnold Gauge Company.

If you aren't familiar with the AMTS, attendees share best practices, review live demonstrations of trending equipment, and scout suppliers. Attendees come from manufacturing companies representing the aerospace, energy, medical, defense, communication, and transportation industries, among others. Arnold Gauge and MobileDemand will show two separate robot-loaded demos at the show. Check out a preview here.

"AMTS is a great event for us to share with clients how we can help them quickly measure their parts, improving quality.  Our custom measurement solutions need to stand up to harsh industrial environments while providing a robust Windows-based gaging interface. We've partnered with MobileDemand because their xTablet T1600 has what we need to work alongside our overall solution." Michael Bruns, President of Arnold Gauge

Arnold Gauge began producing grinding gages for THE Henry Ford in 1918. They have since expanded their offering to include precision measuring solutions ranging from small GO/NO gages, to fully automated robot loaded machines that check 25 features every 30 seconds 24×7. Partnering with MobileDemand means offering the entire solution. We incorporated rugged tablets to run business efficiently. Michael prefers to use the rugged xTablet T1600 because of the fast, reliale performance, high-brite screen and protection against the elements of the manufacturing floor.

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We hope to see you on October 18-19th for the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show.

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