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Benefits of Tablets in Warehousing

Warehouses are only as efficient as their employees, and their employees are only as efficient as the tools they're given. Forklifts and pallet jacks have aided in moving product quicker, but what helps move it more accurately? While pencil and paper may be the age-old technique, what if there was a better way? 


While pencil and paper still have their purpose, there are easier and better ways to record data. A tablet is an excellent tool to use in a warehouse. The ability to run software directly on a device eliminates the need to return to a computer for data input. Its mobility allows for it to be taken anywhere in the warehouse without being tied down by cords. 

While tablets are incredible tools, warehouses are tough environments and most consumer grade tablets wouldn’t survive long. Dust, drops, or the vibrations of a forklift could prove too much for it to handle. Fortunately, there's a solution. 


Rugged tablets are engineered with these exact factors in mind. Built from the inside out to be durable, they can handle the abuse of almost any warehouse. They can be sealed against dust and water, small drops often won't harm them, and many are built to handle the vibrations of a forklift. Many are also made with built-in barcode scanners, allowing data to be collected in seconds without the error of pen and paper. 

Rugged tablets are your best choice, but if you already have consumer grade tablets there are ways you can improve their durability. Rugged cases have been tesed and proven effective in protecting your device in the event of an accidental drop. 


Easy Operating System  

Most rugged tablets are built with either Windows or Android operating systems. These common platform make it easy to integrate them into your warehouse, as most people are familiar with using them both in a personal and business capacity. Another benefit of using Windows is that rugged tablets often come with full Windows 10 and are capable of using any software normally found on a desktop computer.  

Barcode/RFID Scanners Preinstalled 



Many rugged tablets are built with integrated barcode or RFID scanners. This allows them to collect data in a matter of seconds, rather than having to write it all out by hand.  These can then be paired with a scan handle, making data collecting even faster. 

Long Lasting Batteries 

While tablets require batteries to operate, many have long battery lives that can survive through an entire work shift. To help further, some rugged tablets have the ability to swap batteries without powering down, known as hot-swappable batteries.  

Add-on Capabilities 

The needs of warehouse workers are great, and the tools required to do their job can vary. Rugged tablets can be built for custom needs, allowing you to get your workers exactly what they need to make them as productive as possible. Some add-ons may be installed simply by plugging in a wire, while others will have to be integrated into the unti as its built. Scales, scan handles, shoulder straps, RFID scanners, nearly anything can be added to make your job easier. 




As we said earlier, forklifts can be rough on technology. Rugged tablets are designed to handle the beating such equipment deals out. With the right tablet vibrations, rain, dust, temperature shifts, and even docking and undocking are no trouble. To add further value, rugged tablets are designed to work with both powered and unpowered docking stations. If your employees work from a forklift all day, a powered vehicle mount will ensure that tablet works as long and hard as they do.   

The benefits of a rugged tablet are numerous and can help take your warehouse to the next level. Aiding in everything from inventory tracking to order picking, rugged tablets could be the next tool to help streamline your warehouse's effeciency.

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