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Are Your Tablet PCs in the Field Failing in this Cold Weather?

rugged tablet pc fire department emergency servicesOver the last couple days, much of the United States has been enduring extremely cold temperatures. And chances are that if your employees left their consumer-grade tablets in their vehicles overnight, they're not functioning properly right now. But you can't shut down your operations because it's too cold, business must go on.

As always, it is important for field workers to be as productive and efficient as possible and the ever-changing mobile computing technologies can undoubtedly contribute to that. Laptops and other non-rugged devices often-times are not built for the environment in which some employees use them where fluctuations in temperatures can cause real problems such as condensation on the display, seizing up of the keyboard and corrosion or freezing of internal parts.

ruggedized windows tablet outdoor snow mobile demand ruggedExtreme temperatures play a huge role when deciding which hardware companies they should choose for their specific application. The wrong equipment can lead to ruined hardware, lengthy downtime, increased total cost of ownership and unproductive employees -- ultimately resulting in lost revenue. The right equipment for the environment will lead to increases in productivity and profitability and decreases in TCO and downtime.

Ruggedized Windows tablet PCs are the ideal solution for mobile workers looking for a mobile computer they can count on day-in and day-out in varying environmental conditions. Special technology in the units keep the displays from fogging up and port covers prevent corrosion in internal parts. In addition, rugged tablets operate in temperatures ranging from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to +140 degrees Fahrenheit (-20°C to +60°C) and can be stored in temperatures from -22 degrees Fahrenheit to +160 degrees Fahrenheit (-30°C to +71°C).

Batteries build up impedance (shortens the operating life) when exposed to freezing temperatures, however they recover as they warm up.  So it actually helps your battery life to disable power management as the tablet will heat up the packs giving longer life by delaying the freezing, and it will keep the display warm making it legible longer.  So keep your spare batteries warm and swap them as the in-use batteries freeze. 

Of course, it's always better to store your tablet at room temperature inside over night than to leave it sitting in a freezing cold or extremely hot vehicle. Seriously. You'll thank us the next day!


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