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Ruggedized Tablet Solutions for Variable Rate Applications in Ag

In the recent years, farming has gone high tech, using computers and various tablets to control and automate specific processes in precision agriculture. With the introduction of variable application control systems for use in the field, growers are able to prevent seed and fertilizer overlap, control material rates during application, monitor seeding information in real-time and avoid blocked fertilizer delivery lines.

Farmers have tried non-rugged tablet computers, such as the Apple iPad, since they have the functionality of a tablet computer, play music, have a GPS-street navigator, and have personal management capabilities such as an address book, calendar and scheduling. However, the major downside is that the iPad requires that the users’ fingers be clean in order to use. The computer cannot be used with a stylus or non-conducting gloves. In addition, any non-rugged computer will get full of dust or dirt in the field, consequently shortening its life expectancy.

ruggedized windows tablet for farming agricultureRuggedized Tablet PCs offer the optimal solution. They do a lot more—they can streamline data management in the field with record keeping, mapping, scouting, soil sampling and variable rate application. The computers are military-grade rugged—designed to keep moisture and dirt out and survive four-foot or five-foot drops, making them ideal for the rigors of daily use in demanding farming environments. The Microsoft Windows operating system lets farmers easily port their Field Variable Rate Control software onto the tablet as well as provide standard Windows applications.

In-Field Variable Rate Control
• Control the application rate of materials such as seed, granular seed, granular fertilizer, liquid and anhydrous ammonia
• Vary the rate of application in fertile areas and less fertile or poorly irrigated soils for maximum yields
• Apply the correct amount of fertilizer for specific plants
• Apply the proper amount of lime for the location’s soil PH requirements
• Monitor blocked lines to ensure even material distribution
• Eliminate double applications and wasted inputs with automatic row or section control
• Control overlaps with automatic overlap detection to track where you’ve been

Increase yields and save money when planting, spraying, spreading or fertilizing. Adjust the rate manually or automatically with a Rugged Tablet PCs.


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