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Rugged Tablets: 4 Ways It Improves Field Service Customer Satisfaction

rugged windows tablet field service inspectionsHave you ever waited for a technician to arrive at your home to repair or install an item? Today, who doesn’t have a cell phone or the internet to stay in touch with a business? In our fast paced world, no one wants to wait on anyone,  especially when our time is so precious and we have other things to do than wait around for a technician to arrive, do their work and depart.

How does a business today improve their overall customer satisfaction rate? Customer satisfaction in field service leads to referrals and repeat business. Look at what FedEx and UPS have done to retain clients. Real time information is now the standard,  and business owners are turning to an effective data collection strategy that involve rugged tablet PCs.

While smart phones are everywhere, they don’t have the screen real estate that a tablet offers, and lack many features that are needed for a technician to do their job. While most technicians have quality tools to do their jobs, skill sets and training, the use of a tablet computer has reduced errors and made them more productive and profitable to the overall business.

Here are the top bullet points to why ruggedized tablets help improve customer satisfaction in the field:

• Reliable tablets that never break, work in cold and hot conditions and have enough internal memory to perform daily activities.

• Real time communications and GPS tracking allow everyone to know “technician availability” and anticipate arrival and departure times.

• Access to vital information in regards to the job at hand, such as parts inventory, warranty information, technical documents and internal communications.

• Accurate invoicing

Customers want it now, and then want the best price for the service rendered. By using real time data, and no bulky hand written paperwork, you can capture new business and retain current customers, increasing overall business productivity. Tablets can also read barcodes using built-in imagers, work on 4G networks, collect signatures and create a paperless invoice system.

As companies improve the overall customer experience, it looks like the business owners and customers both win.

(This blog post was written by Brian Beans, MobileDemand's Director of Channel Sales and Western Sales Manager)


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