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Vehicle Computer Mounts Increase Tablet Versatility

Whether you're in field service, transportation, public sector or food and beverage, there's a good chance you have may some sort of tablet computer with you while you're out in the field. But instead of just tossing it on the seat while you're vehicle is in motion, why not mount the tablet inside the cab for greater productivity?

rugged tablet vehicle computer mounts tablet dockIn addition to the software that you run on a daily basis, you can run GPS or GIS to help you get to your destination using the most efficient route, cutting back on overall fuel costs and saving time. It also offers turn-by-turn directions either on-screen or can even have them read aloud through the front-facing integrated speakers.

Your next question is probably about the battery life. No worries, vehicle computer mounts are designed to charge the tablet directly through it's connectors, so you can either plug the mount in to the DC outlet (aka the cigarette lighter outlet) or hard-wire it to your vehicles battery. Either way, your tablet will be charging while you're driving.

When you're stopped for rest or off the clock, connect to email and basically any other application available on a Windows operating system. This way your operations remain flowing and you are as productive and efficient as possible, improving your bottom line.

Being able to release the tablet from the mount at a turn of a lever, you’ll be able to extend the use of the ruggedized tablet in to other enterprise applications including those that are mobile such as proof-of-delivery and pick-and-run.

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