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Rugged Mini PC for Field Service and Utilities Productivity

broken ipadWith companies rapidly adapting to tablet technology for their field service and utilities operations, it's important to know which tablets are suited better for your environment. In field service and utilities, chances are you're outside for quite a good portion of your shift and consumer-grade tablets won't cut it. They aren't designed to outlast the rain or snow, it's nearly impossible to view the screen in direct sunlight, and if you drop the device, it will end up looking like the picture to the left...BROKEN!

A rugged mini PC tablet running a Windows operating system is a field workers best friend. Not only does it have more features and functions than your typical iOS or Android device, but it can be used in the rain and snow, dropped multiple times to concrete with no harm done, and it can also be used in the direct sunlight without having to strain your eyes to see the screen.

rugged mini pc tablet windows 8 t1400With high-performance rugged tablets, you will be able to accomplish jobs quickly and efficiently, eliminating potential delays from reliability or functionality issues. High-speed, secure and wide-area wireless connectivity lets you communicate in real time. And, with its barcode scanner and credit card swipe feature, you can track parts consumption and collect fees at the time of service.

Now that's productivity!!

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