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Accept Payments in the Field via a Tablet Credit Card Reader

Do you have employees out in the field performing maintenance, inspections, or installation of appliances, equipment, homes, machinery and more? Do you want a fast and safe way to collect payments once the job is complete without the hassle of paper invoices? Look no further than a tablet credit card reader. 

T7200 rugged tablet pc msr credit card reader with card smallWith a tablet or rugged tablet, not only do you have the full functionality of a Windows operating system, but you have the ability to add on a physical credit card reader to accept payments at the conclusion of service. Attached to the tablet and connected via USB, the credit card reader communicates seamlessly with any invoicing software or whichever enterprise software your company uses. 

Your next question might be, "how does the customer sign for it?" Right on the tablet! The tablet touchscreen responds to either the stylus or a finger. 

Does the customer want a copy of the receipt for their records? No problem. Connect a mobile printer to the tablet via Bluetooth or USB and they can have a paper receipt in their hands in seconds. 

Are you working outdoors and concerned about rain or direct sunlight? Again, no problem, rugged tablets are designed for just that. They are completely sealed from rain, snow and dust to keep your PC safe and operational and it also has an option for a sunlight readable display so you don't have to squint or seek some shade in order to view what's on the screen. 


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