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A Rugged PC Mounted on a Forklift Can Set You Apart

No matter how well-designed your warehouse is, it can present a difficult working environment. Inventory is about storage, but your warehouse is also inherently one of your most mobile environments. And while it may be a hub, it’s only a portion of your operation. The bottom line is that warehouse operations have to run as smoothly as the proverbial well-oiled machine. Anything less costs you money. Mobile devices, especially rugged tablets, are revolutionizing warehouse operations.

A rugged PC or rugged tablet is much more than a barcode scanner.

rugged Windows tablet forklift mount warehouse

Barcoding has streamlined supply chain data gathering, making work faster and more accurate. You can be better organized and more confident that all is in order within your warehouse. Rugged tablet systems offer versatility to help get work done, but only if they’re tough; the warehouse is no place for fragile equipment. The best rugged tablets conform to military-level standards for resistance to shock and other potential environmental hazards, such as dust or moisture. Yet they also need to put full-size computing capability in your hands. That’s especially important, because top-quality ruggedized tablets enable you to read emerging 2-dimensional barcodes that house far more data than traditional 1-dimensional laser-scan codes. New coding technology lets you process far more data, right on the spot, because there’s no need to transmit data to a central database for decoding. 2D bar codes use:

     › High-density symbols for small items.

     › Medium-density symbols for larger boxes and pallets.

     › Retro-reflective symbols and labels for longer-distance scanning. 

Enhanced imaging capability means you can also use your rugged tablet to capture signatures, identify damanged or incorrect merchandise, or handle other inspection or quality control needs. 

Barcoding streamlines every step of warehouse operations.

You get reliable, comprehensive tracking to ensure nothing goes astray, including:

     › Shipping and receiving - Scan items as they are loaded or unloaded, immediately confirm bill of lading, inspect items, etc.

     › Pick-and-pack - Track items as you break up large containers into smaller groupings or individial pieces and move them to packing areas. 

     › Inventory management - Forklift operators scan location markers - on floors, walls, hung from the ceiling, or on shelving - to quickly find things and make sure everything is placed or replaced in the correct spot. 

     › Outdoors - Scanners work in bright light if inventory is stored outside. 

You can immediately identify problems or mistakes, and count on easier traceability for for internal or government-required compliance.

A rugged tablet is simply the right productivity tool for the job.

Mobile tablets are deliberately designed for high performance in warehouse conditions. They can be mounted on forklifts or in vehicles for easy access, or can be carried in your hand if necessary. They are accurate up close and at long range, in varied and variable light conditions.

You can instantly decode scanned data or retrieve information from a centralized database, a desktop, or another source. Anyone in your warehouse or elsewhere – literally anywhere – can obtain real-time information 24/7 to keep things on track and in order to make best-informed decisions. And you can improve communication, streamline your supply chain, and reverse logistics processes.

We’re just beginning to understand the true value and multiple uses of enhanced scanning. Electronics are getting smaller and smarter as new innovations come on the scene, bringing even better barcoding options.

There’s no doubt rugged tablets enable warehouse managers and personnel to take full advantage of these opportunities to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability.

What’s the smartest way you’re using rugged tablets to improve your warehouse operations? Contact us at Marketing@MobileDemand.com - we would love to hear from you.

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