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8 Reasons Why Route Sales Personnel Need a Rugged Tablet

Are you looking to purchase tablets to increase your sales personnel productivity? Are you wondering if you need rugged tablets? What features do rugged tablets have that make them worth investing in? Here are 8 reasons why route sales personnel need a rugged pc.

rugged windows tablet xtablet t1400

1) Durable – Ruggedized tablets are made to survive drops, shock, water, dust, snow, and even dirty, hard working hands. Don’t let your sales personnel be stranded with a broken tablet and risk losing important data your employees worked hard to retrieve. If you are buying tablets to improve your enterprise operations and protect your investment, go rugged. 

2) Mobile – Because the tablets are rugged and durable, your sales personnel can take them nearly anywhere. Even the toughest locations with grease, mud, manure, and even direct sunlight. The more places they can go, the more sales you can make.

3) GPS and Cellular Service – Ruggedized Windows tablets come with GPS and cellular service allowing all workers to stay in touch and complete work orders in a timely fashion. Help your sales get to their destinations quickly and efficiently and send data instantly instead of waiting until end of day. Keep your employees in touch all day long. 

4) Data consistency – Consistent data for sales is extremely important. It is like playing phone tag. How often do you get information from a middle source that is not translated correctly? How often can you not read someone’s handwriting? This happens way too often. With rugged tablets and mobile applications, you can control your data entry to make sure everyone is inputting information consistently.

5) Able to run full Windows – Your tablet can now do everything your Windows laptop or desktop can do. Run Microsoft Office, accounting software, email, security features and many more great applications. Connect to devices using USB, Serial, Bluetooth and more. 

6) Readable Screens – Want your sales squinting to read a small handheld or smartphone screen in front of your customers? No! Not attractive, takes more time, and accuracy rate decreases. Small screens make sales personnel not want to use an important tool that you have invested in. Rugged Windows tablets have clear 7-inch and 10-inch screens with sunlight readable displays allowing for greater efficiency and accuracy in the field.

rugged tablet barcode scanner

7) Barcode Scanner – You have the option to include high performance barcode scanners built into the tablets. This makes data entry and tracking records easy and effortless by being able to pull up or insert records into a database in seconds. No need to purchase a separate scanner to connect to a computer or tablet, now you have one piece of equipment that can do it all.

8) Affordable – One may think, with all the rugged tablet's features and functions, they will be out of their price range and look for cheaper solutions. Again, you are buying these to increase business productivity and maximize cash flow. Don’t make the mistake and invest in proper equipment. Rugged tablet PCs are reasonably priced and provide great return on investment and total cost of ownership. 

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