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Rugged PC Used by Leading Beverage Distributor Ben E. Keith

Ben E. Keith Beverage Distribution, the 2nd largest Anheuser-Busch (AB) wholesaler in the USA covering 61 counties in Texas including Dallas and Fort Worth. It also carries an expanded portfolio of craft beer and import brands throughout the territory and has additional distribution centers in Austin and Houston.  Over 250 pre-sale routes service customers throughout the state of Texas from restaurants and grocery stores, to pubs and various festivities. 

rugged pc ben e keith beverage distributionThe company has always been a leader at implementing new technologies to equip its pre-sales field reps with the tools they need to sell more beer. It moved away from using paper and pen to take inventory and create orders in the field years ago. So it is no surprise that when the new A-B Mobility route accounting software was implemented recently, Ben E. Keith took the opportunity to refresh its hardware with mobile computers that would give its reps more power and functionality than the handheld devices they were using.

“After we made the decision to move into the A-B Mobility software, we took a lot of time to find just the right piece of equipment for our pre-sales reps. It had to be the right form and offer the right functionality for our guys to hit the streets hard every day,” says Steve Fleming, Vice President of Administration and Information for Ben E. Keith.

Prior to implementing A-B Mobility, Ben E Keith had a proven system in the pre-sales reps’ hands. But as the business grew and changed, it became necessary to also change the mobile computing system in order to meet the new objectives of the company and demands of its customers, and to create a competitive advantage.

Find out which tablet Ben E Keith decided to go with and the results they've seen since deploying their new ruggedized tablets

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