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Windows Tablet Used for Scoring Baseball in All Weather Conditions

Baseball. America’s game. Youth baseball, learning America’s game. Memories. There’s a critical function to every game and that’s keeping the scorebook.

Keeping the scorebook for a youth baseball game has changed over the years. Tablet technology has arrived. Now many teams have coaches or parents using tablets with scoring software instead of paper scorebooks to keep the intricate details required for baseball scoring. From youth leagues to high school, college, scouting leagues, minors and even Major League Baseball (MLB), stats and scores are kept for more than just recording the individual game scores. The system is also used for scouting future opponents, determining who are the hot and cold hitters, pitchers and fielders, tracking individual season hitting, base running, fielding and pitching stats, among many other categories.

While the old paper and pencil are time tested, it’s very difficult to tabulate season stats. One way to streamline the score keeping process is to deploy a tablet with baseball scoring software. Store bought tablets will do the trick in the spring before it’s too hot, in the shade, or under an umbrella if it’s sprinkling. But what happens in direct sunlight, high heat, or even rain?

rugged pc windows tablet sports baseball mlb scoring 4g wifi battery rain sunlight

Envision 95 degree, very humid temperature and direct sunlight baking down on the tablet. Imagine screen glare from the sun that can wash out the ability to see the screen. Picture a sudden sprinkle or rainfall hitting the baseball complex and the game is played on. The playing field is dragged between games and the wind is nasty, blowing the dust between your teeth and a blanket of dust collects on the tablet. Then a team is in its third or even fourth game of the day and there’s no AC outlet to charge the tablet.

In many ways, the baseball scorekeeping scenario is very much like a deployment of a tablet for job in the field. It’s a mission critical function to the enterprise, much like scorekeeping is mission critical to be accurate and efficient to keep up with the sometimes hectic pace of a game.

The team still needs to have the scorebook kept. There is no delay for the team’s scorekeeper to find cover or an AC outlet. 

ruggedized windows tablet pc sports baseball mlb scoring 4g wifi waterproof sunRuggedized tablets running full versions of a Windows operating system along with a powerful Intel processor is enough to run your scoring software and then some. In addition to the computing capabilities, a rugged PC can take color pictures and video, connect to WiFI and 4G networks, video conference/screen share and much more. And all of this can be done outside in a complete downpour as the rugged Windows tablet and it's ports are completely sealed from the elements, keeping your vital information safe and secure. 

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