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MobileDemand Offers Discounted Forklift-Mounted Rugged Tablet Bundle

Hiawatha, Iowa – July 10, 2014.  MobileDemand, a global provider of ruggedized Windows tablets, has announced the availability of a forklift bundle for their popular xTablet T7200 and xTablet T1200. If you’re in the market for tablets or laptops to mount on your fleet of forklifts, this is one opportunity you do not want to miss.

rugged windows tablet forklift warehouse manufacturing vehicle computer mountsMobileDemand xTablets enable companies to extend enterprise and business applications to forklift operators to access critical information and make better business decisions without having to alter their daily operations. MobileDemand’s innovative rugged PCs deliver performance at a lower cost and enable greater efficiency and productivity in the field. The tablets are securely mounted to the forktrucks and can be quickly released from the mount for mobile applications including barcode scanning, signature capture, photo capture, maintenance and more. The xTablets are also equipped with Bluetooth, WiFi, USB ports and 4G capabilities, making the tablet the ultimate productivity tool.

As the end user, all you need to do is decide between the 7-inch xTablet T7200 or the 10.4-inch xTablet T1200, and then whether or not you need a powered or non-powered forklift mount. And then MobileDemand does the rest, throwing in a power converter, zip ties, nuts and bolts, Wavelink Terminal Emulation software and a 3-year comprehensive tablet warranty. MobileDemand is offering all of that plus an extra 10% discount on the bundle.

“Due to popular demand from a previous trade show, we are extending this tremendous offer to anyone in the market for powerful computing systems for their forklift operators,” said Jon Rasmussen, Senior Director of Product Management at MobileDemand. “We truly believe that these bundles will help enterprise operations see greater productivity and efficiency in warehouse and manufacturing facilities across the globe.” 

Forklift bundles start at $1,801.

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