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What's Cheaper and More Rugged Than an iPad Air Tablet?

What's cheaper and more rugged than an 64GB iPad Air tablet? The new xTablet Flex 10 from MobileDemand! The new Windows 8 tablets start at only $695 and comes standard with a rugged case, scratch-proof screen protector, hand straps, 4GB RAM, 64GB drive, WiFi, Bluetooth and an Intel Bay Trail-T Z3770 processor. 

rugged windows tablet xtablet flex 10This enterprise-ready tablet is designed just for that -- Enterprise operations. Whether it's field service, field sales, delivery, retail and others, the lightweight but rugged Flex 10 is sure to be a tool that your employees will rely on day-in and day-out. 

"Like many other industries, the tablet industry is constantly evolving. Certain companies have certain mobility requirements that other enterprises may not care as much about. That's why it's vital to listen to the needs of your prospects and customers when developing a new product," said Matt Miller, MobileDemand President. "And that's why we're bringing the Flex 10 to market. It's designed for businesses who want an affordable, tough and powerful Windows device." 

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