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New Tablets Impress at Transportation & Logistics Industry Conference

Last week, August 18-20, the PeopleNet User Conference (PNUC) was held in Hollywood, Florida and thousands of folks from the transportation and logistics industry were on hand to check out the latest and greatest products and services for their industry. For the third year in a row, MobileDemand sponsored the event and exhibited their latest Windows tablet innovations and like previous years, the rugged tablets turned some heads. 

xtablet flex 10 windows tablet vehicle and forklift mountThe xTablet T7200 and xTablet T1200 have been in the MobileDemand product offering for a couple years now and are popular for applications where you mount the tablet in a forklift or in a truck. New to MobileDemand's line of tablets at this years PNUC was the xTablet T1400 and the xTablet Flex 10.

Both of the new tablets are thin and light Windows tablets, the difference is that the xTablet T1400 has the ruggedness built-in whereas the Flex 10 has a rugged case and screen protector added by MobileDemand. Both would be great options in the supply chain and T&L for managers and supervisors and for those applications where the user would be carrying the tablet for long periods of time. 

The new tablets garnered a great deal of attention at the conference simply because of their thin and light form factor which is fairly new to the transportation and logistics industry. Add in a BayTrail-T processor with 4GB RAM and 64GB eMMC hard drive and the IT and operations professionals can see productivity and efficiency gains on the horizon. 


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