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NASCAR Team Replaces Laptop and Handheld with Windows Tablets

The world of sports is constantly evolving year after year, and the use of technology is just one of the areas that has made an impact on many sports in the modern day. One sport that is far ahead of others when it comes to technology advancements is motor sports. If you're familiar with NASCAR, you'll know that the cars are technological masterpieces, each part is specifically designed to help improve the car's performance and the goal is to finish ahead of all of the other drivers. But a race team is more than just what you see on TV. 

nascar windows tablets barcode scanner xtablet t7200Recently, one of the top teams in NASCAR with drivers in both Sprint Cup and Nationwide, realized that their laptop and Motorola MC55 scanner combination weren't as efficient as they'd like. They wanted one single device which could scan the tire's barcodes directly in to their SQL database. And that's when they discovered rugged Windows tablets, the same devices which were being used by their competitors. 

The race team can now use the integrated barcode scanner to scan tires in and out as they're being replaced during practices and throughout the actual races. Not only does the integrated scanner make operations more efficient, but they're still able to use the full version of Microsoft Office along with their SQL database. Tracking when the tires are replaced along with their wear and tear is vital to help improve the cars performance week in and week out. 

Another reason why this NASCAR team selected ruggedized tablets is because they can be used outside in the rain, heat and direct sunlight and don't have to worry about the tablets breaking if they're dropped on the cement. 

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