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Line Busting with a Rugged Tablet PC

Anywhere a line forms, a line busting application can improve customer satisfaction. It’s better to have your guests enjoying their experience at the venue – and enjoying it well enough that they spend money – rather than spending time waiting in lines.

Guest lines can form in retail stores, entertainment and sports venues, theme parks, and museums. When peak traffic periods cause long lines, operations and IT administrators are frequently turning to mobile Tablet PC systems to increase throughput. An alternative is to increase numbers of dedicated turn styles or cash registers, but that is rather undesirable because it takes up valuable retail space and reduces the ambiance of venues.

See the latest case study video below showing how MobileDemand xTablet T8700 rugged Tablet PC computers are used by a water park in Orlando, Florida. You can see that when lines form in peak times – when buses, trains, and ferry boats drop off masses of passengers, the staff pulls out the xTablet to break down the lines. You can see the guests are happy and the staff are proud of their accomplishment!

Many venues utilize MobileDemand Rugged Tablet PC systems to increase the throughput of their operations during peak times. Rigged with advanced credit card readers and bar code scanners, the xTablets are pulled out to break down the emerging lines. What better way to keep customers satisfied than by deploying the latest systems that make their experience as enjoyable as possible?

MobileDemand will be exhibiting at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Annual Convention and Expo from January 10th to the 13th at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. Well have our latest line busting Tablet PC the xTablet T7000 specifically designed with features for retail, entertainment, sports venues, theme parks and museums.

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