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New Tablet PC from MobileDemand

xTablet T7000 Tablet PC / UMPCMobileDemand has announced an addition to our line of xTablet Rugged Tablet PCs - the xTablet T7000. 

It's a small and lightweight rugged Tablet PC (actually a UMPC class) that supports the new Windows 7 operating system. Together with the xTablet T8700, we offer a family of xTablet mobile computers that offers the capacity and performance to support mobile workforces in a variety of industries.

"Our customers need a new kind of rugged Tablet PC; one that is small and light-weight like a handheld, yet still has a large screen and the performance and functionality of a full Windows OS device," says MobileDemand President Matt Miller.

"The xTablet T7000 delivers on all these requirements. Customers can run full versions of their business applications eliminating the need to create and support ‘light' versions. An example is in the direct store delivery market for consumer goods: in addition to replacing laptops for field sales, beta tests indicate that the xTablet T7000 xTablet T7000 and T8400 Rugged Tablet PC - UMPCalso has the potential to replace handhelds for route delivery. Plus, it offers customers additional capabilities to provide new revenue-generating products and services to their customers and make better decisions at the point of transaction," Miller continues.

The xTablet T7000 rugged UMPC (Ultra mobile PC) combines the functionality of a notebook, full Windows OS of a Tablet PC and the portability and data collection capabilities of a handheld in a light-weight slate form factor with a built-in numeric keypad, optional QWERTY keyboard attachment and 7" high resolution (1024 x 600 & 768) all-light-readable touch screen display.

This new ATOM based rugged Tablet PC is designed specifically for enterprises/businesses for mobile workforce applications, the xTablet T7000 is as tough the high performance xTablet T8700 but it's smaller, lighter and packed with data collection features like barcode scanning, credit card reader, GPS, and camera.

xTablet T7000 Rugged Tablet PC optional keyboardIt's ideal for many applications, including retail mobile point of sale, hospitality & entertainment (point of sale, surveys), food/beverage delivery (aka beer truck drivers), transportation (installed in long haul semi-trucks), emergency services (ambulance, fire, police), anywhere a rugged computer is needed to bring efficiency to field and mobile operations.

And most importantly, MobileDemand does our part in getting the beer to your refrigerator, with over 2,000 of our xTablets installed in beer sales and delivery operations in the US. The xTablet T7000 model will continue that proud tradition!

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