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New Facebook Tablet PC Page

Check out the new Facebook Tablet PC Page by MobileDemand. The Tablet PC related news and information provided by MobileDemand not only keeps up with the information provided on this blog, but will be a good and organized resource for MobileDemand media including exciting videos and photos of our rugged Tablet PCs.

MobileDemand offers rugged Tablet PCs for a variety of vertical industries that provide a lower total cost of ownership to our customers over non-rugged computers; which is supported by actual customer experience and factual independent research. MobileDemand elevates itself by uniquely offering the combination of a total complement of mounts and accessories, flexibility we build into our systems, superior and personalized customer service, and customer focused engineering – all to help our customers best satisfy their mobile computing needs.

rugged Tablet PC Facebook Business PageMobileDemand has rugged Tablet PCs and accessories to meet and exceed the expectations of the most demanding mobile workers; regardless of industry or application. With business partners to assist you and built-in flexibility of the rugged tablet, everything you need is provided by MobileDemand. MobileDemand offers a wide assortment of accessories to allow customization of a rugged tablet to meet the needs of your application. Accessories include vehicle mounting systems, barcode scanner, imager, magnetic stripe reader (credit cards), shoulder straps, etc.

MobileDemand also has a Tablet PC related video blog at http://www.TabletPC.TV.

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