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Tablet PC Trends

A trend that we’ve been noticing is that rugged Tablet PCs are becoming an ever growing choice over Windows Mobile handheld / small screen devices. There are two basic reasons for this: screen size and standard PC software compatibility.

The Tablet PC can provide better and more timely data presentation to the user to make improved field decisions, increasing sales opportunities while reducing costs and lost opportunities. Bottom line: Increases EFFICIENCY in mobile operations.

The large, full screen on a Tablet PC deployed in a mobile worker’s hands offers much more data than a smaller quarter VGA handheld screen. For example, MobileDemand xTablet customers can show order history, inventory levels, and pricing all in one screen so the user may make quick and informed decisions at the point of their customer interaction. A smaller screen handheld has obvious limitations that would require multiple screens to navigate to see the supporting data, making it cumbersome and less efficient.

Secondly, the standard PC compatibility allows for existing, off-the-shelf PC based software to run on the Tablet PCs. Or alternatively, if custom software is being written, it is generally much quicker and cheaper to write software for the standard PC platform than Windows Mobile / Win CE platforms.

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