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MobileDemand xTablet T8700 Tablet PC Certified by Anheuser-Busch

MobileDemand is pleased to announce the xTablet T8700 rugged Tablet PC has been certified by the Anheuser-Busch (AB) Mobility program.  AB Mobility provides Anheuser-Busch wholesalers with a complete software and mobile computer system for sales and delivery operations.  The xTablet T8700 is the third generation of MobileDemand rugged xTablet Tablet PCs to be certified by AB Mobility, continuing its tradition of providing superior customer service and Tablet PCs that withstand the harsh environment of beer sales and delivery.

MobileDemand has several thousand rugged Tablet PCs installed at beer wholesalers nationwide with the majority of them being Anheuser-Busch wholesalers.  Of all the industries we serve, we see the beer delivery operations take a tremendous toll on the mobile computers used by the sales / delivery field force!  When they are expected to make 6-12 stops per day, they use the xTablet Tablet PC as a tool to sell more beer and get it delivered fast and efficiently.  Viewed as a tool, they trust it to withstand repeated drops and bumps, liquid spills (soda, beer, Gatorade, etc.), rain, as well as hot and cold temperatures.

The original xTablet, the T8400, was first certified by AB Mobility in the fall of 2004.  After its successful implementation in dozens of beer wholesalers, MobileDemand followed suit with the launch of the xTablet T8600 model in September, 2006, which has far surpassed our initial T8400 sales and included direct installations with thirteen Anheuser-Busch owned wholesaler operations in the United States.  Today, MobileDemand is installed in roughly 200 beer wholesalers nationwide.

The certification of the xTablet T8700 model now brings an exciting new era to MobileDemand and its customers – not just in the beer industry.  The xTablet T8700 is the industries fastest performing Rugged Tablet PC, designed and built as a tool to get a particular mobile field worker’s job done.  It’s slate style, yet with a full integrated numeric keypad, lends its use as a data collection and work process device – not a full fledged laptop that is cumbersome and unwieldy on the road.

With this certification, MobileDemand is securing upgrade business to existing customers who originally purchased in 2004 and 2005 and are upgrading from previous generations of MobileDemand xTablet Tablet PCs.  It demonstrates that MobileDemand continues to release the right product and hold superior, personalized customer service to keep these customers coming back for their next purchase of rugged Tablet PCs.  It is the only slate style Rugged Tablet PC certified by AB Mobility. Follow the link here to the Tablet PC used in a Beer Truck! video to see how the xTablet is used in and out of the vehicle cradle, mounted in a beer truck.

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