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MobileDemand Tablet PC Goes Hollywood!

We’ve had a few exciting months here at MobileDemand. Our xTablet Tablet PC and MobileDemand can be seen in videos and ads by large accompanies as well as on TV and the big screen!  Here’s the scoop:

  • Wanna Bet, ABC, currently airing on Tuesdays, 8pm Central – the Tablet PC is used by judges on the set to place bets via wireless transmission.
  • Rock the Cradle, MTV, aired in April and May, 2008 – again the Tablet PC is used by judges on the set to score contestants via wireless transmission.
  • Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, California – Our xTablet Tablet PC is used by audio and set production specialists to control audio system at the concert / entertainment venue during the summer of 2008.  Special thanks to Linda Epstein with www.TabletPC2.com for her assistance.
  • War, Inc. – The MobileDemand xTablet appeared in many scenes in the arms of Joan Cusack, who runs a “war” trade show in this parody about outsourcing war.
  • Narnia – Prince Caspian – We have partnered with a company by the name of HDR-CAM who provides lighting calibration systems used for computer generated graphics for movie sets.  Our tablets were used on the set in New Zealand during the filming of Narnia.
  • Google Success Story Video – Google visited MobileDemand the last week of June to tape a success story video about how we use Google AdWords in our marketing efforts.  The video was posted on YouTube recently and should on the AdWords site soon.  This supplements the case study (printed) they did on MobileDemand in October, 2007.
  • 3M Advertorial – The MobileDemand xTablet is featured by 3M in their print, on-line and e-mail promotions and advertising in the summer of 2008.


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