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"Tablet PC as a Hammer" Video Demonstrates MobileDemand xTablet Durability

We have fun over here at MobileDemand.  We released a new video this week that effectively demonstrates in a rather fun way, albeit cheesy, the durability of our xTablet rugged Tablet PC.  The video is entitled “Tablet PC as a Hammer!” and is posted on our web-site, YouTube (Tablet PC as a Hammer!), and Blip.TV (Tablet PC as a Hammer!).  We are delighted that other sites like Engadget, GottaBeMobile, and so on have posted about it.  This video is the first edition of our “Tablet PC Torture Chamber Video Series”, so look for more out of the ordinary videos in the next few weeks.

You know, we could use a hammer, but instead we used our xTablet Tablet PC. We created this video to prove a point. Our xTablet is rugged and durable enough to take the beating of hammering in dozens of nails, without a glitch! We attached an accelerometer with a real-time graph running on the screen to show the actual impact forces the Tablet PC is enduring. As you watch the video, notice the lines on the graph that are created when the tablet is bumped and swung up and down.

Again as you watch the video, notice the graph as the Tablet PC impacts the nails. It takes a beating and endures up to 10 gravity (g) forces in shock as it hits the nail. Check out the minor denting where the tablet strikes the nail and the graph is still running. It sustains only minor case damage and still running like a champ!

See the video directly here and enjoy!

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