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Welcome to the MobileDemand Tablet PC Blog!

Who are you?

I’m hoping you are interested in mobile computing and how it is used in businesses. Specifically you are interested in Tablet PC and UMPC platforms, and handheld computers deployed into mobile workforces.  You’re interested in the trends and technologies being implemented into today’s devices, including software, communications and peripherals that make up a total system. You want to see concise news posts presented in an innovative and creative way. In short, the answer to the “Who are you?” question is the target audience of this blog.

Who am I?

My name is Matt Miller, founder and President of MobileDemand, a rugged Tablet PC provider out of the nation’s bread basket. These days it seems to be a rather soggy breadbasket! I was born and raised in Iowa, attaining my education, most of my training, and values from the heartland. Plain spoken yet aggressive, I am a technologist and marketer. I’ve worked in sales and marketing / product marketing roles in the mobile computing industry for 15 years. The experience includes working for two startups (including founding MobileDemand) and a mobile computer company named Norand (now Intermec) who was and still is an innovator in wireless handheld devices and bar-coding for vertical markets. Intermec still maintains an engineering office based right here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

My first “tablet” computer I product managed was built by Norand back in 1995 – called the PEN*KEY 6632, which was a Windows 3.1 pen computer and replaced by the 6642 that supported Windows 95. After managing several more mobile computers and rugged Tablet PCs through 2008, I am a self proclaimed expert in Tablet PCs and rugged mobile computers with 13 years of involvement.  I guess you would be the final judge on that self assessment.

I have guest blogged for other Tablet PC related sites and have relationships with many of these editors. These sites are generally commenting mostly on commercial Tablet PCs or UMPCs, so lend my expertise in this blog relating to rugged Tablet PCs and UMPCs deployed by businesses.

Why should you read and watch this blog?

You would read this blog to gain insight into the mobile computing realm, where mobile computing technology is brought to the masses of blue-collar mobile workforce. I will concentrate on the Tablet PC and UMPC form factors as they offer a compelling approach to automating mobile workforces, allowing businesses large and small to gain efficiencies and ultimately save money, provide better customer service, and help you to beat your competition. Your workforce should have the right tools in their hands with real time information supporting them at the point of customer interaction, at the point of decision making. I believe the right tools are rugged Tablet PCs or UMPCs.

This blog will be a combination of videos about Tablet PC, standard text blog entries and “ink” entries. As a Tablet PC evangelist, I will write many of the blogs on a Tablet PC and place that “ink” along with the text and video of the blog entry.

Why am I doing this blog?

I will not hide the fact that I want to sell MobileDemand xTablet rugged Tablet PCs. I want to lend my tidbits of insight and gain trust, faith and loyalty from you, the reader, who ultimately could end up being my customer. If you hear our messages and you are a decision maker on deploying mobile computer systems, I believe you will consider the input. If you are not a decision maker, perhaps you have influence to others. The viral nature of the blog will help the goal of increasing the implementation of Tablet PCs and UMPCs into business applications. If it makes the overall Tablet PC and UMPC pie bigger – terrific. If MobileDemand sells more rugged Tablet PCs – even better.

So this is the start of the MobileDemand blog. Enjoy and look for content that is compelling and will help you make decisions to deploy rugged Tablet PCs and rugged UMPCs in your mobile workforce.

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