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NASCAR Red Bull Racing Team Utilizes Tablet PC

MobileDemand announced today its sponsorship with the Red Bull Racing Team which competes in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Mobile Demand has provided the team with ten of its new rugged ultra mobile computers. Red Bull Racing Team crew will use MobileDemand xTablet T7000 Rugged Mini Tablet PCs to monitor tires, fuel consumption and track timing and scoring to give the team a competitive edge by communicating faster and more efficiently throughout the race weekend.

The devices will be predominately used by the spotter, tires pecialist and the gas man to record and compute data. Integrated bar cod escanners will assist the tire specialist in organizing the race tires throughout the weekend. Timing and scoring will provide the spotter within formation to assist the driver throughout practices and the race. The Tablet PC will also allow the gas man to provide fuel data to the race engineer in a faster fashion.

NASCAR is a high-tech sport where thousandths of a second separate the winner from the rest of the field. The crews are counting on the MobileDemand Tablet PCs to give them the edge they need to get to the finish line first.

For more on the Red Bull Racing Team announcement, please visit the MobileDemand press release page.


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