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Tablet PC a Big Hit with NASCAR Red Bull Racing Team

As announced last month, MobileDemandis an official sponsor of the Red Bull Racing Team which competes at the highest level--the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Tire specialists, spotters, gasmen, and other members of the pit crew have already been pushing MobileDemand xTablets to the limit and have been quite impressed with the performance and durability of our mini tablet PCs.

MobileDemand President Matt Miller and GottaBeMobile.com Publisher Xavier Lanier traveled to the Red Bull Racing Team shop in North Carolina to get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the xTablet T7000s being put to the test.  What they witnessed was the vital role our tablets play in an intricate system of technology. Armed with video cameras and fueled with excitement, Matt and Xavier were able to capture dynamic footage and interviews in the garage and on the racetrack.  Mobile computing review website GottaBeMobile has posted an article and a collection of photos, videos and interviews of the Red Bull Racing Team, all of which can be found here.

Whether they are used to catalog tires as they come off the truck in to the Red Bull Racing garage or communicate real-time during the race to gain a competitive advantage, MobileDemand xTablets have been a hit with the NASCAR Red Bull Racing Team and have even caught the eyes of fellow racing teams.





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