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MobileDemand Poised for Growth with New Tablet PC, Markets

Missed the article in the Cedar Rapids GazetteMobileDemand Tablet PC xTablet T7000 Business section last week featuring MobileDemand? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Excerpt from the newspaper article:

‘A Hiawatha computer company is back on a rapid growth curve after introducing a sleeker new rugged mini tablet PC model.

Sales at MobileDemand are up 300 percent through June over last year.

MobileDemand xTablet T8700 Tablet PC“We are growing like gangbusters again,” President Matt Miller said. He attributed much of the growth to the company’s new xTablet T7000 rugged mini-tablet computer. It is lighter than earlier models, and has a smaller seven-inch screen, yet uses Intel’s potent Atom processor.  Price is also a good selling point at about $2,000.

“It’s really gotten us into a lot of opportunities we were losing out on because they require smaller, lighter weight units,” Miller said.

MobileDemand is in the process of adding at least five employees this year. It expects to end the year with close to 20 employees, plus several contract employees…’

To continue reading, click here and be redirected to the Eastern Iowa Business news website to find the article.

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