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HRB Helps Promote NASCAR Red Bull Racing Team?s Tablet PC Use

As you all (hopefully) know by now, MobileDemand xTablet Rugged Tablet PCs are being put to use by the Red Bull Racing (RBR) Team which competes at the NASCAR Sprint Cup level. To help gain a competitive advantage, the RBR Team has implemented the Tablet PC solution with various crew members including the spotter, the gasman, the tire specialist, and the crew chief. By having the Tablet PCs at vital positions throughout the racetrack, they are able to communicate instantaneously and therefore, can make the necessary changes to gain an advantage over competitors and put the Red Bull Racing Team in to the winner’s circle.

4816677746 7d3e0cf215With such an exciting and unique use for the Tablet PCs, MobileDemand contacted Henry Russell Bruce (HRB), a full-service advertising and internet marketing agency, to assist in spreading the word. This well-written blog & newsletter by HRB was part of the combined marketing surge:

“When MobileDemand® wanted to promote the technological edge its rugged xTablet® T7000 PC brought to the Red Bull® NASCAR® racing team, Henry Russell Bruce (HRB) was asked to help. MobileDemand wanted to make sure there was no secrecy surrounding its move to bring rugged computing to the NASCAR market.

HRB logged hours of tape shot by MobileDemand owner Matt Miller and a technology industry partner to write print and video case study scripts. HRB partnered with MVP Visual Media Solutions of Cedar Rapids to edit the footage to make an engaging and fast-moving video case study on how the MobileDemand technology helped the Red Bull racing team. The goal was to tell a story by building buzz and third-party credibility about the xTablet Tablet PC...”

To continue reading, follow this link to the HRB Blog.

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